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About 6 month ago, I had a friend of mine loose her 17 yr old son to suicide. No one saw any signs of anything. Good kid, heart of gold worked out and was working toward becoming a body builder. The kid was stacked for 17. Addiction is around us all. His father, and addict with 30 yrs of sobriety under his belt took his son to the meeting and learned this way of life.. Later to find out that he was a closest addict and was suffering from so much. My friend had come home one afternoon to find her son on the floor with a shot to the head. I couldn't even imagine. I decided to see what i could do help. She took an interest in some of my photography work so i decided to make her something out of the pictures i had taken of her and some she sent me of her son. Many more apparently want me to create something for them and their families as well. My friend ended up starting a program that helps families deal with the suicide and gaining closure and moving on . Check out 22 feathers on Facebook. This program is saving lives and gaining awareness in the community and i couldn't be more proud to be apart of something that forces me to get outside myself.

I to have gone down that road 3 times. We a re here for a reason. When i pulled the trigger my gun was empty, My brother had taken my gun to the gun range with his wife and it was never reloaded. I never thought i would get to that point but i did. The other two were heroin overdoses. Yep, I'm an addict. Started at 6. My demons came at young age and its been a challenge but it weren't for photography and my family I wouldn't be here. My second attempt was an intentional Heroin overdose. I was actually pronounced dead for 7 minutes then my heart started to beat again. I don't know why but by miracle it did. How could i have done something like this? I asked myself this over and over again. I have a little girl and all i thought about was her and here without me.. What would become of her, all that stuff that one my think about. I had to do something. SOmething that would make an impact on addictions, suicide, lost hearts. Maybe this is good start. Writing about it. Ya know? Here is what i created for my friend and apparently some others want me to make something for them...My friend says its helping her have some closure... Its the littlest things i believe that can really make an impact for the better. Thank you for reading my post and i hope you enjoy my work,


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