1UP Is Looking For Discord Moderators And Community Builders

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The 1UP team is growing: As the community voting platform will be starting with ten communities from all over the Steem blockchain we will need the support of those communities to get a grip on everything.


What Is 1UP In A Nutshell?

The 1UP community voting app will come out in October and offer everyone to create a community based on a tag. This will pull all that content into a special 1UP ranking list where everyone can give up to ten posts per day a special 1UP. All of these 1UPs are equal and have no initial value. But the more 1UPs a single post recieves the higher it will rise in the community ranking list. Every 2.4 hours the highest post will be upvoted by the smart community trail and then by 1UP itself.

With the SMT protocol coming out in March 2019 we will launch our own UP token and run an attractive bounty system since the start of the app in October. Controlling our own reward pool will enable us to give more effective upvotes and higher curation rewards.


1UP Needs YOU

1UP needs the Steem community to manage itself. It aims to become gradually more decentralized and we are starting this process now.

I am looking for several moderators on Discord who will be in contact with users and communities on 1UP and help them with their questions. If you are interested contact me on our 1UP Discord channel. We will reward your efforts with 1UP tokens as soon as our bounty program starts with the launch of the 1UP app.

The Ten 1UP Starting Communities

We will use a level system and while most communities will have to start from level zero without an upvote from 1UP, we will put ten communities directly on level one. These are the ten communities below which will all receive ten daily upvotes each:

#promo-steem and 1UP

I have had a long talk with @starkerz and Anarchotech from @oracle-d and the #promo-steem community. We will work together and help to support the promotion efforts for Steem. They will help me in bringing the community over to 1UP and spread the word about 1UP when we launch. Big thanks to them and the #promo-steem team.

@helpie and 1UP


I also had a long talk with @meno who explained the @helpie community to me. I found it fascinating how @scipio wrote about them quickly overtaking the User Authority (UA) Discord channel and beginning to manage it. They are a really cool bunch of users who are engaged and, well, helpful. They even have their own IPFS server pinging videos of their members for better DTube speed and backup. Tomorrow they have a meeting and I will introduce 1UP to them. I am sure we can help each other.

Check out the Helpie Discord Channel.


There is so much going on with 1UP that I feel motivated and convinced to do the right thing, that the Steem community is basically demanding a system like 1UP as we can see in the massive success of UA and its @steem-ua upvote algorithm. 1UP is the evolution build on top of that. I expect great things.

Join the 1UP Discord channel.

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Sounds interesting .... will check out the discord link....

Awesome @flauwy. Would like to be a mod on 1 UP since I am a part of #Promo-Steem community as a Steem-Ambassador. Jumping to discord quickly. ;-))

I would love to make an art community, don't know if that's possible, if such a community is build up in 1UP I'll be glad being a moderator of it.

Glad to see what the core communities will be. I could probably be one of the moderators of Fundition for about 4 hours each day. I guess whether that would work would depend on how many mods there are for each community and whether we can figure out a way to each cover just certain times of day. The Helpie folks have probably figured that out.

Will head over to the discord.

What are the problems that 1UP will be solving? And will so many people be needing such service? If it's going to solve people's problem it will certainly succeed

Man, what an exciting time to be a part of steem .. your enthusiasm is as palpable as it's infectious, and I'm expecting great things from 1UP. As always, huge respect for all that you bring to the platform!

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