Message from 1984 to the present future 👁

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Quite sad that the book is becoming more and more real everyday, China has already government control over the citizens , in exchange of security and “freedom” you can no longer say anything against the government hence there’s the importance of decentralized social media although steemit is not that much of that it’s a great step in preventing these cases

This may not happen fully in the coming years but it’s already happening

Found on Reddit books:

For those who clearly haven't bothered to read this article:

The author's main point is not that we're heading for a world like 1984 because of the government, or that it's the corporations and media selling double-think, and that you should pat yourself on the back for figuring that out and raging against them on the internet.

It's that individual citizens, in particular social media users, are now happily acting as the new Ministry of Truth.”

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