Nineteen Eighty-Four

in 1984 •  last year  (edited)

Earth People get ready!!! This November I’m dropping some serious heat, starting with my newest 3D Art Toy collab with @jstephensdesign ~ Travel back in time with us to Nineteen Eighty-Four through the psychic lens of George Orwell whose novel foretold the totalitarian new world order conditions we are currently living under. Much of his vision has come to fruition due to the apathy & unconsciousness of the sleeping masses. 1984 is a wake up call for humanity & Orwell’s wisdom cast in resin is here to celebrate the great awakening from the darkness, doublethink & newspeak that engulfs us by the ruling elite and MSM. Symbolic relevant reflection is encrypted into this revolutionary toy commemorating critical thinking. This banging little character is our first of 3 new exclusives we will be introducing for this year’s DesignerCon at the Anaheim Convention Center November 16-18th so come peep game at the official MEAR ONE booth showcasing all my newest designs!

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