Vegan Bodybuilding Protein Journey And Confusion Part #2

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Once again, from just my perspective, you have to trust me because throughout the last few years. I have been observing, learning, experimenting on my own body. I have also tried every single approach from seven grams of protein per body weight, which back in the day was hundred kilos. So 700 grams, protein down to just eating fruits which could be round about 30 bananas per day.  With 3000 calories of fruits which leads me to 30 grams of protein. I tried the whole spectrum and I can also inform you that you are not building any muscle mass on 30 grams of protein. It is impossible because I am not talking about healthier food. Plenty health guru when it comes down to  anything, I'm just sharing my own perspective, therefore I need to repeat myself, with me, my friends, professional athletes all over the world and over the decades, 2 grams is the absolute minimum for building mass dust protein for quality player. Vegans need to be open and transparent about it. The key building blocks in protein are obviously the amino acids to be precise the BCAAs the branched chain amino acid. A lot of plants don’t have high levels in those particular amino acids. I am writing this because I'm not happy with the vegan bodybuilding community at the moment. Even in meat-eating days, there were a few people that could attain a good physique with 1.5 grams of protein but which was the minimum. What we see nowadays on vegan YouTube, are guys that have fairly good genetics and therefore they can get away with a cheap meal here and there. They are eating fairly loose whilst traveling. Back in the day, I had meat eating friends that could eat cornflakes, a burger here and there, and are accomplishment good results. This is not me because I started out with in 27 centimeter biceps I was 60 kilos light, 60 kilos in weight and 1 meter 80 centimeters in height. I happened to be under-weight and I looked horrific so I built each gram onto my human body. I gained 40 kilos of weight during the period of three and half years. I was powerlifting, I was doing bodybuilding and all of that transformed my physique but I was following a strict diet regime. Back in the days, that was at least six meals each and every day, even as much as eight meals each and every day. That means whey shakes, protein powders, meat, eggs, egg whites and what-have-you. I was eating only rice and chicken for three years straight. I did it all, then once again, I feel pretty confident sharing this information. Nowadays if you look into those vegan YouTubers, you will observe guys that have fairly good genetic advantage that lets them get away with eating loosely and not really tracking their markers. If you want to make serious muscle gains and you are also a vegan and you just believe that you can just enough calories, consume whole foods and you notice that you are not making progress in your muscle gains. And you are also wondering why. This is the reason because you are not eating sufficient protein. Listen I am aware what not everybody will carry through on a bodybuilding stage or what-have-you, but if you want to make the progress, then you need to invest the time and effort. Then you need to proceed with the steps required, I would suggest you follow on your plan and count your macros for two to three or four weeks until you get the hang of it. Just follow through with it because without protein, you will not make muscle gains. Carbohydrates and fats are builders and proteins are the building blocks. Take for example if you want to build a house, you need both bricks and cement. You do not necessary tons of workers and just a few bricks otherwise the workers will just sit around and never do the work you need adequately. You need sufficient bricks and cement to create that house and, you need a few numbers of workers with regards to the speed you to go about building your house with those bricks. Look at it this way, no bricks, no house, no protein and no lean muscle mass. It’s impossible, that is why I'm writing this. Once again, I see so many vegans being scrawny, they are truly being thin. There is nothing wrong with that if that is what you want to go for. A lot of people want to promote the healthy, physical fitness, bodybuilding and even life style. And for that, you need results, you also need a physique to show off and yes this is how this realm works. It’s a visual universe if you would. You have to show your games so people see and say ok this works. If you want to lift heavy weights, then you have to lift heavier weight. You want to be a stronger, you want to be a bodybuilder then you need muscle tissue, you need to go to a gym, and you also need to eat your proteins. I know it sounds like a broken record and all this is what bodybuilders have been saying on a regular basis, those meatheads, only those meatheads would be the only people that are going to be Mr. Olympia competitors of today and the future. I hope you enjoyed reading this short post and thanks for dropping by. I will continue with “My Vegan Bodybuilding Protein Requirement Journey & Confusion Part #3 sometime. Follow jusvalehostenjus

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