My Vegan Bodybuilding Protein Requirement Journey And Confusion Part #1

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Alright dudes welcome to the channel. If you're new this channel, I frequently do videos about bodybuilding physical, fitness, veganism, plant medicines, plant philosophy, philosophy, spirituality etc.

Today I’m going to discuss bodybuilding. I will discuss vegan bodybuilding. I am going to incorporate these two subjects as well.

In particular, I am going to talk once again about protein. I have already done a protein video previously but that was back in the day when I just filming with my phone.

And since that time, I have acquired a brand new HD video filming equipment where I document my experience throughout the last few years in bodybuilding and in sporting activities.

I have had nourishment from heavy meat based diet, over to a fruitarian raw vegan to an even more entire meals plant-based, high raw vegan diet that is quite high in protein.

It is mind-blowing if you ask me. There is still this mass confusion when considering protein demands.

This is not super scientific. I will share my personal perspective and my personal experience. If you want to look it up, it is possible to research protein demands for squat and tradition pretty effortlessly. Just google that material and you are also going to get the results.

Listen, I just want to point out that after I started bodybuilding a few years ago, approximately when I was 20, I was eating three or four and/or five grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

I actually had to correct myself with even 7 grams so I went up as much as 700 grams of protein daily. Yes that was my past. I used to acquire all that protein out of animal sources. I was eating tons of meat, eggs and dairy and all whatnot.

So guys back in those days, the health practitioners, and regular doctors perhaps not the plant-based health practitioners, but regular meat-eating doctors told me that 0.7, which is 10 times less protein is sufficient for any personal goal.

They said that you can achieve anything want with 0.7 grams of protein per day.

So nowadays bodybuilders still say you need at least two grams of protein per bodyweight kilo gram. Vegans nowadays along with their whole food high in carbohydrate of 80/10/10 95 5 diets plans, try to debunk this on a regular basis.

Blame the bodybuilding industry for pushing their whey supplements. This is the reason why they are saying that you need that much protein.

Let me tell you, from individual experience, I have trained with bodybuilders that have progressed to train with MMA fighters that went into the cage.

Guys, all those people who are performing on a higher level, have high protein demands and requirements. Regardless of what the studies say, I have tried it all. There is only a minority of genetic bodybuilders that have achieved great body physique with 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

If you are weighing 70 kilos this is still one hundred and five grams of protein. If you just consume fruits, eat great or consume carbohydrate-rich foods and you neglect protein intake, you will not make any muscle gains. That's just the reality of things and that is my perspective.

I hope you enjoyed reading this short post and thanks for dropping by. I will continue with “My Vegan Bodybuilding Protein Requirement Journey & Confusion Part #2 sometime. Follow jusvalehostenjus

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