Photography | Hibiscus flower

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Good night,,, !!
Hopefully all of you are in good health and always happy, Take this opportunity to show you some flower photography.



I call it the hibiscus flower, who knows who gave the origin of the name of this flower, but what is clear is that the name sounds unique to the ear, this flower is pure white, in the middle of this flower there is flower pollen, actually this flower has several other colors Like red and ping.


I took this flower photo using a VIVO 1727 type smartphone camera, which is located in Geudong, Samudera District, North Aceh. Thank you for your time to visiting my blog. I hope this post is interesting and my friends like it.
Regards @yanis01



Jarang saya melihat bunga sepatu dengan warna putih. Biasanya orange, merah. Ini sungguh surprise.

Bagus fotonya, long galak 👍👍

Terima kasih banyak bg @midiagam. warna merah paling sering kita jumpai.

Betul bang @yanis
Foto anda malam ini betul-betul bagus, ini komentar paling jujur

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