Causes of Air Pollution

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Polluted air does not occur naturally. This air pollution actually occurs by direct or indirect human intervention, intentionally or not. What we need to remember is that increasingly dirty air cannot be separated from our shared responsibility to guard it.

In keeping the air clean and fresh, tips must understand very well what and where the causes of this pollution are. Well! As we have already mentioned a little in the article entitled Air Pollution, that air is generally polluted by smoke. Wherever this smoke arises and is created. Let's discuss them one by one.

Vehicle Smoke

Try to get out of the house and then just take a short public road, what you will get on the road. Especially in urban areas, vehicles are increasingly congested to meet the road. There is no road in the city that is free of vehicles. The vehicle is an exceptional contributor to smoke. The density of this vehicle is increasingly massive and difficult to control. Likewise the smoke generated from motor vehicles.

Factory smoke

Furthermore, factory smoke also contributes smoke in polluting the air. The factory which is mushrooming today in Indonesia is very worrying. Because most of these factories do not know how to overcome or reduce the smoke coming out of the chimney.

Even the most beautiful smoke contributed carbon gas in the air. The plant also triggers acid rain. As we all know that factory chimneys dump smoke into the air every day without any solution. And this is very dangerous, most damaging and triggering toxic impurities in the air.

Power Plant

We have to admit there are still conventional power plants that are still operating. Most of these power plants are made from coal. It also contributes to the hard line in air pollution.

Volcano eruption

For this one is a form of natural disaster that is impossible for us to avoid. The eruption of the mountain also polluted the air. The eruption of a mountain is a natural factor and not the result of human creativity. So it is impossible for us to avoid natural factors that we might avoid in order to continue to take care of our air so that it remains clean is with an early awareness about the importance of protecting the environment.

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It's important to recognize the problems ... it's important as well to seek for possible solutions, which could be for example:

  • Use public tranportation, walk on foot or ride a bicycle (instead of a motorbike) whenever possible.
  • Electric cars and bikes don't pollute the air (and when using LiFePO4 batteries heavy metals aren't a problem as well).
  • By using photovoltaic technology, wind power and geothermal energy pollution can be reduced significantly.
  • More people should work from home (Home Office) instead to drive to an external work place daily.

yes I completely agree with you, it is a good solution for that. I think the government must immediately implement regulations to deal with increasingly severe air pollution.

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