TYPES OF ADULT Vaccination

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Hello steemian friends wherever you are, meet again with me @iqbal-pasee, one of the atomians member in Indonesia

On this occasion I will discuss about adult vaccination.

There are many types of vaccines for adults, unfortunately not many adults know about them.

The following are some examples of adult vaccinations:

The first toxoid vaccination, this vaccination is needed to prevent tetanus, which is caused by bacteria that enter through stab wounds or dirty wounds.

The second is meningitis and encephalitis vaccination, meningitis vaccination is needed to prevent inflammation of the lining of the brain caused by bacterial infection while encephalitis vaccination is needed to prevent inflammation of brain tissue.

The third is typhoid vaccination, this vaccination is done to prevent typhoid disease caused by bacteria.

The fourth parotitis vaccination, is done to prevent parotitis or mumps caused by a virus that attacks the salivary glands in the mouth.

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Fifth, influenza vaccination, besides being able to cause repeated outbreaks, influenza is also a fairly serious disease if it is suffered by people who are elderly or over 65 years old, and also sufferers of regenerative diseases such as diabetes, heart and lung.

Sixth rabies vaccination, rabies is transmitted through the bite or scratch of an animal infected with the virus. For those of you who often come into contact with animals such as dogs, cats or monkeys, you should not miss this one vaccination.

"Remember prevention is much better than cure"

So much information from me about adult vaccination, hopefully it will be useful and look forward to the next tips in my post.

Thank you for dropping by at my writing. Until we meet again in my next writing.

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TYPES OF ADULT Vaccination
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