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Hello steemian friends wherever you are, meet again with me @iqbal-pasee, one of the atomians member in Indonesia.

On this occasion I will discuss about immunization and vaccination

Do you know the difference?

Immunity or immunity can be obtained through immunization, some immunizations are passive, some are active.

Passive immunization is the administration of antibodies that come from outside the body. Naturally, this immunization is obtained through the placenta since the baby is in the mother's womb, it can also be through the provision of breast milk or breast milk.

While artificial passive immunization is obtained by inserting antibody serum into the body, passive immunization, both natural and artificial, is only temporary.

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Next is active immunization, active immunization is an effort to stimulate the formation of antibodies by introducing antigens into the body, naturally this immunization is obtained after the body recovers from disease.

While artificial active immunization is obtained through vaccination. In vaccination, the inserted antigen has been weakened or turned off, so that it does not cause disease. But quite effective in forming antibodies. Generally, artificial immunization such as this vaccination is carried out from the age of children through injections.

Vaccination carried out since childhood has many benefits, including preventing suffering from possible disability or death due to disease, besides that, vaccination of children can also eliminate parental anxiety and high medical costs if the child is sick.

"Remember prevention is much better than cure"

So much information from me about immunization and vaccination, hopefully it will be useful and look forward to the next tips in my post.

Thank you for dropping by at my writing. Until we meet again in my next writing.

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