The Importance of Building Strength

in #zzanlast year

I remembered the words of a teacher in elementary school first. Strength is like a stick, he said. It doesn't mean anything if it's just one stick. But look when they are put together. Become so strong that you can clean anything.

That was the first wise sentence recorded in my small mind. I got a message about the importance of unity. The importance of community. The importance of togetherness. Alone we are nobody. But together we are a great power.

Now I imagine that wise sentence as a reason for our community. Whether it's in real life or in interacting in cyberspace. Togetherness remains one of the important things that must continue to be developed.

It can't be denied, here we need big ones. Conversely, those who are big also initially start and grow from small ones. Because of the other small supports, they could be big. And so on. Symbiosis is so strong.

Therefore the bears must respect the small. Because without the small ones, the big ones are nothing.

You can't hate each other. Envy each other. Mutual mutual mutilation. What must be fostered is harmony not hostility. Because with harmony, all can grow well. Can sling support each other.

While hostility, only makes us divided. Being compartmentalized. and can't be strong like a stick put together. We will continue to be weak and difficult to develop.

Let's keep united. Hold hands together so we can be happy.


Satu lidi akan membutuhkan waktu yang lama untuk membersihkan sampah. Ini juga kalimat yang masih lekat di pikiran saya. Dalam komunitas tidak mengenal istilah besar kecil, karena mereka yang besar, dulunya juga kecil.

Salam sukses selalu 😊