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Out of what seemed to be the worst disappointment for the season came this message. After contemplating on a whole speech my attention was drawn to a statement which many described as an insult.
In his final State of the Nation address, Mr Mugabe made this remark;
'Iwe neni tine basa' (You and I have work to do).
Many hearts were left broken following this statement. Why?
It had been the world's expectation to hear these words out his mouth; "I Robert Gabriel Mugabe, do hereby hand in my resignation and will surrender all state duties as President of Zimbabwe..." However, the disappointment was too much for the people and they fumed with rage all over and making as much insults as possible.
Then came Tuesday 21 November, 2017 R.G Mugabe handed in his resignation. People were happy, some shouted, some praised God, some drank as much beer as they could and all kinds of expressions to show their jubilation.
The words 'iwe neni tine basa' still came back with a greater revelation beyond just spoken word. It took me into the times of land reform in Zimbabwe. When freedom was announced for the black Zimbabwean it meant he/she could now move into the arable lands and farm. That having been put into consideration some mistake was committed.

  1. Farms were distributed to people whose eyes were focused on farm houses
  2. Land was grabbed by greedy persons who felt it was their right to own land yet they did not remember that it was their responsibility to produce out of this land.

This is our first issue to consider, what happened to the distributed land. Have we made use of the land we took over after indepence. Certainly not to a greater extent.
It's high time we account for the value of the land and balance it with the output. Is there an agreement between value and outputs? Food for thought, 'Iwe neni tine basa.'

Twice, war reparations have been claimed and were paid out in full. Here is the question, out of those payments which one has brought back investment on the black soil? The answer to this may be close to nothing. Therefore, we have had a situation where we have the government has had to spend at a zero returns basis. Where could we then expect it to lead us when it's being milked for no gain. 'Iwe neni tine basa.'

As years unfolded we became educated but missed emancipation. With the much knowledge we have acquired behind the desk we should have been in a position to drive our economy despite whatever the external factors. We were trapped under the employee syndrome and believed that we ought to be learned to secure a better job. Entrepreneurs are running around cities looking for jobs, research scientists cleaning dishes in Diaspora. When are we going to stop this roaming the world and apply this knowledge in our homeland. Yes, 'iwe neni tine basa.'

The future of Zimbabwe still remains in the hands of the Zimbabwean citizen. It is delusional to believe one man's resignition and his replacement will turn tables around. We all have a part to play in the construction of a new Zimbabwe.

Aluta continua!

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