Zillow for Stem Blockchain on Steem Engine and Scotbot- Dream House tokens, saveup for your dream home, or AirBNB type tokens to save up for vacations posting about them

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if we integrate dclick from the beginning so these posts all have ads we can create a scotbot that is fully funded and advertised from the beginning, with real estate and a zillow like map as a bonus to teh scotbot, a page where you can create a post from.

Just look at https://zillow.com and imagine how easy it could be to just have a Google Maps page that populates with steem posts, steemconnect can allow for this I am certain its just a matter of TIME for a dveeloper to sit down and play with keychain ro steemconnect giving you teh ability to use a custom JSOPn transaction, probably with some location based real estate token, to POPULATE the google map, and every city can have poperties peopelc an make posst about, and earn DREAM home tokens

when you earn enough DREAM tokens you can sell and buya mortgage on yoru dream home :D This is a DREAM but honestly if the first person @sulten-aceh gets ona nd proves ypou CAn build a hoem from steem, we can show it is possible


Some may not know that a man has built his family a HOME using money made from steem, in Indonesia, but its true and it MUSt be recirculated, so peopel can get back into teh spirit of steem and we can see tribes go UP in price like neoxian when we see the @neoxian.city tribe come together for their first big charity event , maybe i can get @mcsamm to organize something

I am talking to @citimillz and a @steemgg related discord about creating a simple steem keychain based game specially now that i can use SteemnWallet by @roelandp

Im also playing https://Upland.me now after I got into the private beta and I can use this game as the example foir the type I want to start making but on a map of west africa

This with the new steemwallet DAPp browser for mobile devices , allowing keychain on a smartphone will allow for a whole new generation of steem games and i invite the @steemgg people to integrate this new steemwallet into their website and encourage steem game devs that they seem to have an abundance of, to create more simple mobile games that can be polished, and use NFT collectible tokens, with Steem engine tokens for the in game currency and resources.

With the above image, compare it to the zillow image, and I hope you get the idea here. a grand steem based Monopoly game using custom JSONS like @aggroed has with @steemmonsters but you can use YOUR OWN city and steem engine tokens and allow people to build in a massive game that can be liek prospectors but with a DAC that lets users create in game proposals for how to modify and create the game itself.

We can start with Monopoly or Chess or something like that (NOT card games for gambling this will be more like a giant game of civilization or something proven, like starcraft or warcraft but an OPEN SOURCE alternative we can use for free.

Or we just plan our OWN clone of civilization or starcraft or warcraft played in turns, with real life challengedac style GPS location and time based tracking we can maybe even use @actifit technology here to allow users to unlock in game rewards for taking runs and also going to place son a map and running back within a specific time. So many possibilities exist here for some incredible games

we can start with just CHESS or battleship even, keep it super simple and then go from there, add different objects and items and players , i would love a game like command and conquer but which uses steem and which you can play over a long period of time.

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