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In honour of the summer solstice, this is going to be the longest Project Update of the year. Just kidding! It will be normal-sized. Promise! In this Project Update, we have some useful information for Noir and FD Reserve users on 01VPS.net, some new functionality for Discord users, and a look-ahead to our upcoming wallet release.

Community Updates

  • The 01coin Discord server still does not have any Nitro boosts. This makes the 01coin Discord server sad 😢. If you have a Nitro subscription and love 01coin, visit here to learn more about Nitro boosting.

  • Talking about the 01coin Discord server, our beloved 01coin bot has received a bit of a makeover thanks to community member (and recent Chain of Trust member) JSKitty and Evydder. Thanks guys!

  • Co-marketing campaign targeting the FD Reserve community alongside 01VPS.net.


The FDR 1-click auto masternode setup has been updated to v1.4.0

Wallet and Core Development

  • Lots of active development on the wallet front over the past two weeks as we inch closer to a 01coin v0.12.3.5 release. The good news is we are now in a position to state that we will for sure be able to enable IPv6 masternodes on the 01coin network in time for our next release.

  • Testing on the testnet has yielded some interesting results and has uncovered some unique challenges when enabling IPv6 masternodes on the 01coin network. Without boring you with too many details, testing thus far has produced an increased likelihood of chainsplits, so we are looking at factors and variables for mitigating that risk.

  • With this next release, Sentinel will become mandatory for running a 01coin masternode. This is notable, in particular, for those who plan to operate masternodes on VPS servers that are only accessible via IPv6. The 01coin project currently uses GitHub for code version management, and GitHub is currently the only source available for obtaining ZOC Sentinel. However, GitHub is not accessible via IPv6. While we hope to eventually provide an alternative arrangement for IPv6 masternode operators, you will have to come up with your own solution for obtaining Sentinel via IPv6 in the meantime.

  • An impromptu discussion occurred in the Discord server about potential changes to 01coin masternode collateral, but please be aware there will be no such changes implemented in the upcoming v0.12.3.5.

Ancillary Services Development

  • The 01coin testnet explorer had been tweaked to now correctly display IPv6 addresses on the network. The mainnet explorer will be similarly tweaked in time for the v0.12.3.5 release.

  • We mentioned changes to the 01coin bot on Discord earlier. Those changes include a more verbose return to the !price command, a new !value N command, and changes to the welcome message for new users. Testing of the updated bot has been completed and she has been installed in the server.

Doing !price now shows results from Graviex, Crex24 and CryptalDash

01VPS.net Updates

  • The 1-click automatic masternode recipe at 01VPS.net for FD Reserve (FDR) has been updated to install the latest mandatory v1.4.0 release. Simply click on the recipe again to update your FDR node automatically. Please note that since this is a mandatory update with a protocol change, you will have to start your masternode again from your local controller wallet once you receive the email confirming the update is complete.

  • The Noir (NOR) recipe has also been updated to v2.0.0.0 with SIGMA Protocol. Like FDR, Noir v2.0 is a mandatory update. So click on the recipe again to automatically update your node, then when you receive the email confirming the update has completed, start your node again from your local controller wallet.

KVM vs. OpenVZ... Fight!

  • We have begun investigating the possibility of transitioning our virtualization infrastructure from OpenVZ to KVM. Such a transition would come with some pros and cons for 01VPS.net users.

  • On the con side, OpenVZ is a higher-performance virtualization method, so users can probably expect to suffer some performance loss as a result of any transition to KVM that may occur.

  • On the pro side, KVM does not use its own kernel like OpenVZ does, so baremetal functionality can be passed along to users. This includes being able to install more modern operating systems like Ubuntu 18.04, being able to install and run software that depends upon standard Linux kernels and headers, and being able to manage your own swap file.

  • As you know, the 01VPS.net target market is comprised of masternode operators. We believe they would be willing to trade off performance for the ability to manage their own swap file and potentially host more nodes on smaller VPS containers.

  • It should be noted that the investigation into the viability of KVM on our servers is only in its initial stages.


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