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Thank you so much!

That's sweet! Love it!

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Of course! Keep posting and having fun!

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Cool. I love to color and didn't know this was a thing on steemit
Nice work too btw, very funky

Ah, well you have a few days to enter this one if you like. It's great fun.
Thanks - glad you like it.

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I love the vibrant palette of rainbow colours you used to fill the stencil, the uniform pattern it creates as it transitions through the colours of the rainbow is very eye catching. I like that you found an image that worked to place the headphones on a persons head, leaving the hair with transparent parts so that the earth in the background is visible is a nice touch. I also like the cleverness and uniqueness of moving the musical notes to positions that better suit your design!

Thanks for participating and supporting the #zencolouringcontest!

Please name your suggestion for next week's featured colour!

Honourable Mention, Well done!!

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