Zen Colouring Contest #3

Here is my entry for the zen colouring contest.

I am frustrated by the inadequacies of my cell phone for taking photos, therefore I will add more photos with different angles, and I will tell you exactly how I made this.

Step 1:

I decoupaged handmade paper randomly on a wooden board.

Step 2:

I printed two of the stencils, both on watercolour paper. The first one I did, I only coloured in one colour: an irredescent pink. That was meant to be the shadow, because I intended a three-dimensional effect.

Step 3:

I coloured the second dragonfly with watercolour pencils, and outlined every segment with glitter gel pens to create an irredescent effect.

Step 4:

I covered everything with cling plastic to prevent the colours from smudging when I use glue. (This is why everything seems so terribly shiny - the photos really do not show the actual effect well enough.)

Step 5:

First I glued the "shadow" to the board, and then I pasted the coloured dragonfly on top, using some acrylic texture paint to make the wings stand up a tiny bit.

Step 6:

I added a purple watercolour wash around the dragonfly to make it stand out against the rather busy, but monotone background.

Step 7

I added the text with a purple Sharpie.

Here I have to give credit:

And this is the end product, taken at an angle, so that you can have an idea of what it looks like without having the photo pick up all the shiny bits:

I hope you enjoy - I had great fun doing this!

Colour for next week: how about aqua/teal?

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I just love it !!!
Original drawing, really interesting technical work.

That's incredible! I wondered to myself just the other day if my stencil could be printed on watercolour paper, your entry has answered that for me!

A beautiful and very original idea!

Thank you so much for entering!

That is so creative :) I hope you win!


Thank you for your good wishes!

What a gorgeous result @minnaloushe - you have taken this design further than I could've imagined. I used to love making collage work a few years ago before photography took over, so I can appreciate the effort this took! Lovely work :)

That's beautiful! You make it look so easy!


It is easy, but it takes time, because you have to wait for the various layer to dry. Collage is currently my favourite, so I dabble a bit in that before I move on to something else.

ZCacceptedentrySmall.pngENTRY ACCEPTED!!

Thank you for naming the colour you'd pick for next week's featured colour!

Great piece of work @minnaloushe! I love the busy monotone background. Just a great little piece all round :)

Congratulations on your win @minnaloushe! Such a beautiful piece of artwork! Very creative process loved learning about how you did it, thank you! Bless you.


Thank you! I am superexcited.

ZCawardTINY1stGold.png1st place, Congratulations!!

Your prize should be in your wallet!