Zen Colouring Contest #29 // Aztec (ESP/EN)

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¡Hola! Amigos de Steemit.

Como siempre, realicé todo en Photoshop y mi querida Wacom para hacer las sombras y luces. Me inspiré totalmente en los aztecas y mayas.

El fondo lo encontré en pixabay.com, editándolo un poco.

Espero que les guste :D

Y si quieren unirse a la comunidad de Discord -> https://discord.gg/ZaBR7tF

Hello! Friends of Steemit.

As always, I did everything in Photoshop with my beloved Wacom to make the shadows and lights. I was totally inspired by the Aztecs and Mayas.

I found the background in pixabay.com, and then edit it a bit

And if you want to join the Discord community -> https://discord.gg/ZaBR7tF

(Color for next week: purple)

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I love the pattern created by your use of different shades of blue mixed with the subtle touches of yellow and orange. Making the outline white was an excellent addition and fits very well with the background that you used and edited. I especially like the center as the shading of the outer edges draw the eye into the middle!

Thanks for your participation and support to the #zencolouringcontest!


Thanks for naming Purple! as your suggestion for next weeks featured colour!


Glad u like it :D

Como siempre una participación espectacular!


Muchísimas gracias :D

Impresionante realmente hipnótico. Excelente!


Muchísimas gracias :)

Wow ... fantastic colours Elena - I really love the outer rings especially - Muy precioso !

Upvoted and resteemed :D


Thank you sooo much for the upvote and resteem, I really appreciate it :')

Este tipo de diseños son los que me gustan realizar, que imagen mas hermosa y con tanto detalle. Me encanto.

Your colouring is so beautiful @meme.elena and the addition of the aztec pattern as the background is epic!


You are very sweet, thank you for passing and commenting and voting, I appreciate it very much

2nd place, Congratulations!!

Your prize will be with you shortly!

te quedó hermoso, me encantan tus mandalas ;)