Power of Money is Materialism

in zappl •  last year

If you think about it deeply, all money does for people who believe it brings happiness fuels materialism, and ego. This thought also appeared in my head, if we hada universal basic income, everybody would only want the best for the world.

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The ID, The Ego, and the Super Ego brother...

yeahhhh exactly its just the minset of peoples that money can bring happiness even they know its true lavishing lie..but still they cant control....and it just makes me peaceful even by thinking about the life having universal income...btw u have amazing and honest thoughts ...love your honesty ...thanks alot


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thanks alot .....

Thanks for sharing us an informative post.
I will wait for your next post.

Nice post beautiful presented and explained.detail oriented with nice information
Thank you for shareing 🙆🙆🙆