My first Zap with the iOS app

in zappl •  8 months ago

Rainy day so we’re at “Timezone” amusement arcade Surfers Paradise If you want to check out the long awaited Zappl App


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long time ago i´ve been in a arcade center. need to have a look at the app as well. shitty weather, hope it gets better soon.


We’ve promised the boys to go to the arcade for a long time so when @frobear found a 10% off voucher so we relented. They had soo much fun.
Weather should improve by July. Lol

Hi Stephen - just checking you have seen the security warning from Zappl on this? They say to discontinue use until the bug has been fixed I believe.


No I hadn’t. Thanks

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i love the timezone in surfers! so much fun have so many good memories there when i first moved out of home :D


The boys had a ball. @frobear is keen to go again when we’re next down the Gold Coast.

So the main photo didn’t come through and you can’t seem to add any tags. It’s a work in progress.
I’ve added the extra tags and image in Steemit