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Never ‘Tweet’ again without potential earnings!

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Zapple has been here for a few months now and many people, as well as Steemit members, still don’t know enough reasons to try it.

In this article, I present a few information about Zappl, the good things I have learned about it and some room for improvement.

What is Zappl?

It is a micro-blogging interface much like Twitter. Zappl runs on the Steem blockchain and also allows you to earn money from posting. You have to have a Steemit account first by signing up on Steemit.com. You can use your posting key and Steemit username to login to Zappl. Everything you post on Zappl appears as a Steemit post to other Steemit users. Everything basically gets carried over from your Steemit account to the Zappl account, including your profile picture and information. You can also view your wallet though you will need to use your master or active key to transfer SBD or Steem (I haven’t tested this feature yet).

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Why Zappl?

One of Zappl’s major differences from Twitter is the number of allowable characters in each post. Zappl allows 240 characters while Twitter allows only 140. You can also post pictures and GIFs. You can upvote and comment on posts, and people on Zappl can also upvote your posts and comments. Based on these upvotes, you will earn Steem, the token used by Steemit to reward users for posting and curating content.

Zappers' Glossary:

By the way, posts on Zappl are called ZAPs and in order to submit a post, you need to look for the “submit a zap” button. You can also repost or “share” others’ posts. A ReTweet or Resteem is called “REZAP”. Rezaps can also be seen by Steemit users and appear as Resteems on the classic Steemit interface. There is also a button for uploading a video, which called a Video Zap or VZAP.

This interface is highly recommended for photographers since it’s designed for single photos and only a 240-character description. Your posts will also show on Steemit and will have an additional audience- The Zappl community.

A Word of Caution

Zappl doesn't recognize simple markdown language the way we use it on Steemit. Editing your post on Steemit will make the post disappear on Zappl. I only use Zappl when I'm sure I have only one photo to share and my presentation won't be long, because I can't exceed 240 characters. Also, you can't add another tag. It puts only the Zappl tag in your post. So, searching on Zappl must be based on the title and content, not tags. Also, Zappl filters regular Steemit posts and they won’t show on the Zappl interface or mobile app (although the number of post and followers get carried over from Steemit to Zappl).

Room for Improvement

Like most other new apps, some updates are necessary to improve performance and compatibility. Here is a possible scenario reported by a friend @j-alhomestudio:

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The toolbar that shows the buttons (including the one for uploading a photo) may become inaccessible behind the keyboard in some phones (if you have a tall keybard). It only shows briefly while the on-screen keyboard in on the way up. I would rather make this toolbar static (available with or without the keyboard pulled up). Also, just like in Steepshot app, you can only upload one picture in every post. Being able to post a second or third (that will show up once the viewer opens the post) would be awesome but I guess it’s another reason why it’s tied up to your Steemit account: just to provide another option when you’re too busy to write a blog post. If you're going to share two or more photos, you still have the classic Steemit interface through your browser. But again, the advantage of posting on Zappl is access to a more focused community -those who like viewing pictures and reading short posts. You can target this specific community and all other Steemit users at the same time with every post on zappl.

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For some reason, it stretches some pictures on the feed. It probably follows a consistent size but applies stretching instead of cropping. The picture appears correctly once you open the post.

An Electrified Future

I believe Zappl is bound to take off along with Steemit. It's the "Twitter of Steemit" so to speak. We will never ‘Tweet’ again without potential earnings! The advent of blockchain technology is unstoppable and will boom like the e-mail and internet. It's natural to see a lot of hype and the feared "dot-com bubble-like scenario" might happen again with blockchain. -But there are good things about this new technology and system of rewarding users that people will remain interested in, after the cloud of hype disappears.

Please upvote, resteem and follow me, thank you.




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Hello thanks for the review of zappl, very good write up.

Just a few corrections Zappl allows you to use more tags but you must set them in your post by doing #tag if you don't set them zappl will set them for you.

I think this will be great but it seems slow on the app and I have trouble posting or I would use this a lot more. But I'm not going anywhere I understand everything is still new.

Hey! if you use hashtags on Zappl it will show up under the tag you want. Like #crypto #life #blog etc, hope this helps :)

Thanks for sharing this.

I did an article yesterday about 5 different apps that you can use to earn Steem and STD and a few of my followers mentioned this to look at.

Great to see more apps being added to the likes of Dtube,DMania, Steepshot.

Do you know if they take a cut of author rewards?

I don't think anybody want's to earn any "STD's". But we will take some SBD's.

Ha Ha!!!!

Bloody spell check and posing at 2.00am = BAD IDEA :-)


Thank you

Ahahahaha! I wouldn't want STD as well. ^__^

This caused an actual chuckle. Thank goodness for typos.

Cool so now we have our own Twitter in Steemit - we are on the way to be the biggest social network in the world

Yeah. It's a very exciting time to get involved.

wow very nice post twitter and steemit enjoyble website and app


I've been using zappl almost exclusively to share news articles. I love it. While it makes for low quality content on our steemit blogs it is much easier to use for steemit outreach than telling people they have to become bloggers to earn money.

Right. Many people whom I invited said that they are not good writers. But they're on FB and TW!

Looks good to me @hiroyamagishi

could be steemit version of twitter?

More like micro-blogging.

Wow wow wow...
I never knew about zappl untill I came across this article..
It's a wonderful article sir..
Thanks for this..
I would definitely engage in zappl.
Thanks for this once more and looking forward to more of your posts.

ZappL so simple and easy to used...

Not that I am a fan of it but Twitter now also supports 280 characters.

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Interesting, thanks for sharing

Have heard about Zappl but did not know what it is used for. Thanks for guiding us, sir. Lots of love.

It's a pleasure. Godbless.

I didnt know about Zappl too much, but this post cleared all my doubts. Thanks a lot sir.
Surely I'll try it! Have a nice day sir✊

Another room for improvement is fixing the bug that makes zaps not appear in your zappl dashboard. I already made 2 zaps and none of them appear in my feed.

They won't show in feed you must go to your profile to view them. Also if you edit posts on other sites they will disappear.

I can see the zaps in my profile now, thank you for replying!

Sometimes they do not allow me to post for the whole day. I keep on refreshing but no good luck.

Thanks for explaining zappl for us. You have made things simpler for us and have given me a new start....

Thanks for explaining zappl for us. You have made things simpler for us and have given me a new start....

Thanks for the information! Something to try out!

Excelente información, muy buen post, gracias .

I have heard so much about Zappl, I decided to try it out by downloading it but after that, I couldn't install it on my phone. Who could the problem have been?

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Quick thing, its possible to use tags on zappl if you add #taggoeshere to the post. So #blog would make a tag of blog for the post.

You can add a lot of tags yes.

what percent does zappl take?

informative post sir.
have a great day.

I am going to give this site a try

This I can definitely use!

Thanks, buddy.



Finally! I've been curious about zappl since i joined. Thanks for the info.

Kindness is freely given.
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We will never ‘Tweet’ again without potential earnings!

Basically the very reason why I found plenty use for it; now I can share life quotes for everyone to enjoy and make an fair earning for creating the post slide image. Great work #Steemit!

Thank you so much for your support!

Time is Art. In Life, all we have is Time. Why not make Art all the Time?

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Nice post
sir my profile follow and upvote plz.

Thank you. I really love your post ♥ finally understand what is Zappl !! @hiroyamagishi

I am very supportive.

I am very supportive.

Thank you for the detailed tutorial @hiroyamagishi.
I've learnt from this.

I love using Zappl, no need much writing , simple yet elegance, thank for the the information @hiroyamagishi


I use @zappl cause of there many benefit and very good posted


I can't get it to work :(

Thankyou very-very useful👍

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