Test: My first post with the Zappl App!

in zappl •  8 months ago


Hi Steemians, I have found the new app "Zappl", which is connected with the Steemit blockchain, in the Android App Store and this is my first post with this Steemit app.

According to the features Im seeing, it's possible to add photos & even videos too, but I don't know if everything is already working so far and its still a very new app.

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Wow, do I just see save for later?
I think I have to download it as soon as possible...
Thank you, how is Germany today?


Yes the features are looking really great & useful. 👏👍

Im not in Germany in the moment @emmakkayluv, Im in Greece until next month for holidays & Steemit. 👍

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Hey brother that are some great news .🙌

I have to take a look at the AppStore :)
Do you think it's possible that Apple got this app too ?


Unfortunately not

ooh! I'm resteeming for my android friends...and eagerly awaiting the apple app :/