ZapFic Writing Contest Week 61: Surprise

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ZapFic Writing Contest Week 61: Prompt-arrange



Arrangements were made for Tim so that Eva could prepare for his surprise party but Tim came home early to a different surprise. The serving fork punctured Eva's artery creating a blood fountain and was being rushed to the ER by ambulance.

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Damn serving forks. They'll get you every time!

HaHa! Beware of those sharp prongs! Now, where is your story? I miss them!

I'm way down at the bottom today. Looks like quite a way up! Hope all is well your end. C U centre.


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Do my stories cause you pain? This is the third time in a row that your comment was "Ouch!" LOL!

You have a way with your characters lives. I feel their pain! 😉

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What a nice compliment. Now I wonder why I have been writing about pain. Maybe I will be able to write a feel-good story with your next prompt so you won't feel anymore pain. LOL! Thanks for hosting this #zapfic I am having a lot of fun with these stories. : )

It's always more fun to torture our characters, isn't it? 😁

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But I am all about warm and fuzzy with happy endings. What are you doing to me? LOL!

Howdy Butterfly! oh that's a surprise alright! wow, I thought this was going to be another funny one but you took a turn to the dark side! have my posts been influencing you in a bad way? lol.
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