#ZapFic Contest: Arrange marriage

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Prompt for #ZapFic is arrange.

Standing beside the stranger, Nora waited for the priest to say the dreaded words.

Although it was the 21st century, her parents believed in arrange marriages and convinced her married to money is better than to the poor man she loved.

#zapfic is a very short story written in less than 240 characters.

Fun photo is one of my wedding. Hubs and I were married twelve years ago with his brother and my sister standing with us.

Check out @felt-buzz’s post Here for info on the #zapfic contest.

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art and flair courtesy of @PegasusPhysics



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Interesting. Your short story has portrayed what is in the picture.

Thanks Maxwell. I’m glad you found it interesting.

Poor Nora.

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So many of us make terrible choices in a marriage, either way it seems to usually be a crap shoot. I hope your characters found love!

oh no! lol..run girl run! very powerful but short, redheadpei, well done!

Nora is going to have a miserable life. Well done! : )