"Trick Track" an original work of zappl fiction (#zapfic a story in 232 characters or less)

in zapfic •  9 months ago

Our laser fire rips into the faltering force shield. The doors won’t hold for long. Then: engines ignite, thrust and roar. I stop shooting. The spaceship lurches from its dock and escapes. I smile. "Now, we’ll find the rebel base." #zapfic

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This is an original work of #zapfic. It is a different perspective on the story I wrote this morning in #fiftywords https://steemit.com/fiftywords/@felt.buzz/faith-an-original-work-of-fiction-for-the-365daysofwriting-sci-fi-in-precisely-fiftywords

If you would like to have a go at #zapfic (fiction written on zappl - part of the steem blockchain) please take a look at my #zapfic contest: you could win SBD!