Behringer Model D,Pro-1,Waldorf Blofeld,Microkorg & Ensoniq SD-1 (Electro/Industrial)

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The third evolution of a track which started out me just exploring and learning the Ensoniq SD-1 internal. This is evolving into a full track which will make it on my new album, Humanity Lost. I'm blown away at the power of the Ensoniq SD-1 30 year old internal sequencer and how easy it is to create music within the workflow.

Ensoniq SD-1 acts as the main workstation suppling digital electric bass sequence, drums and sequencing to all external hardware synthesizers. Behringer Pro-One handles the fast backing sequence while the Behringer Model D tackles the lead sequence.

I play the Microkorg and Waldorf Blofeld live. I play the Microkorg live via the Ensnoiq SD-1 midi out.