Odd Ball Thrift Shop Video Tour: Glendale, California

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So sometimes my thrifting trips bring me to Glendale, California where I have to stop into this little odd thrift shop. Most days there is nothing to be found as most of the items are dirty or all over the place. But every once in a while I will find some gems.

Like this: (Paid $3 sold for $40 at the time, the price has came down since then)


So there is stuff here from time to time, but I made a video tour of the place for you to enjoy!


You're very good at finding gems and what can resell later. Everytime I walk into a thrift store I believe I kind get a score like this but I end up empty handed or buying stuff for myself haha.

Yeah its hit and miss. Some days are good, some are not. But yeah I have to stop myself from buying stuff for myself, so I know that feeling.

I love visiting thrift stores and yard sales. I have made lots of money reselling. So much of the items in thrift stores are new. Just bought 2 brand new donut and muffin pans for $1.99 each....following a fellow thrifter

Hello, thats awesome. I love to go thrifting and check out garage sales when I can. I just followed back also! Happy to meet you!

Maybe my town is too small but I've never found too many valuable items in the thrift store here. It seems like I'm better off hitting up the garage sales instead.

Garage Sales > Thrift shops for sure!

This is awesome! Gonna have to check this place out sometime. Great post, fellow thrifter :)

Hey are you in SO CAL? Yeah check it out. Not the greatest finds there. But they have lots of clothes in the back I never look at.

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