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The liberals at google are eliminating and punishing any programming that does not appear to line up with progressive socialist thinking. HERE IS PROOF!

There are more and more reports of videos being de-monetized on homesteading and gun channels. We have had a number of our videos de-monetized but we've only lost one appeal. I am very angry about this video they age restricted EVEN THOUGH YOUTUBE clearly said it did not violate community guidelines.

What's the point in having rules if you're still going to penalize the people who follow them? Many top channels with conservative politically incorrect content have been feeling the pinch lately of their videos being de-monetized.

I show you in this video PROOF that conservative channels are being penalized based on their content and viewpoint. I ALSO GIVE MY OPINION ON HOW WE CAN POSSIBLY FIX IT.

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the government kills thousands of people and they don't say anything about it what a hypocrites youtube and google are a Joke anyway I'M glad i found this new channel on steemit