Should I be worried about the Illuminati on YouTube?

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The question, “Should I be worried about the Illuminati on YouTube?” can be read many ways.

Q: Should you worry about watching the Illuminati videos on YouTube?

A: Not really. Some are very good. Most are not. Some explain the historical origins of the Illuminati. Some read into numeric, symbolic, and Satanic meanings which may or may not be true, but these are often stretched to such unbelievable lengths they discredit themselves mired in guesses about occult societies that are secret and therefore unknowable therefore it’s all just speculative theories rather than logical analysis. Some of the videos are about modern politics and contemporary celebrities which vary from accurate to wildly inaccurate - mostly the latter, full of amateur woo.

Q: Should you worry about the Illuminati watching your YouTubes?

A: Not really. They monitor everything anyway, not just YouTube. Most of us are just pawns in their grand games.

Q: Should you worry about the Illuminati censoring your YouTubes?

A: Yes. Hard censoring (deleting & blocking) and soft censoring (demonetizing & disempowering) happens all the time now. If your content is contentious, beware.

Q: Should you worry about the Illuminati taking action against you for your YouTubes?

A: Yes. Accounts of YouTubers being censored and disenfranchised are countless, but there aren’t many I’ve heard of (yet) about YouTubers being jailed, tortured, “disappeared”, “suicided”, or killed the way politicians and reporters have since time began. Perhaps in ten years, but not today. But don’t fall asleep. Remain vigilant. Resist our elite overlord droolers as long and hard and as much as possible.

The “Illuminati” or “New World Order” does exist. Naturally it’s not your great-great-grandfather’s Illuminati. I doubt they ever call themselves that, but elite rulers, their symbols, and their goals are alive and active. Generally this is who people mean and refer to. In this new American century, the “Illuminati”-like New World Order is like a round table of elite groups (WTO, IMF, CFR, UN, Fed Rez, Trilateral Commission, Atlantic Council, Carlisle Group, etc), think tanks, banksters, and monster corporations, often in direct or indirect competition with each other posturing for power and prestige, often with overlapping members in many groups (playing on multiple teams, ie. USA, Israel, UK, & NATO simultaneously). They all agree that we, the people, are slave-pawns to be manipulated, controlled, and exploited. They generally agree how to do this and their puppet politicians hammer out the details. Totalitarian communist countries and inverted totalitarian Western capitalist countries are far too similar and practically the same system - in the illusion against each other not unlike the forged left-right political paradigm. Their manufactured tribalist dogmas of “us” against “them” disturb and confuse, distract and control, divide and conquer, deceive and manipulate and exploit. “Order out of chaos.

I usually only answer a question like this when I see there is a missing perspective. This is mine, for what it's worth.

Full disclosure: I've writen an answer for Quora I feel is pretty good so I'm posting it here first then there. Therefor this is not plagiarism. I may or may not continue doing this, depending.

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YouTube is censoring videos, demonetizing, deleting subscribers, and deleting views. I say we need to move on to the next website for posting videos.


Which of many video host and stream sites do you recommend, why, who runs (controls/censors) them, and what are the pros and cons?

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