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Great video!

yeah, what is this drotto doing now? i've seen him around lately

Hi @inertia you are doing a great job by programming and offering this voting bot templates (:

Do you have a list of users who offer such services with your open source releases?

I scanned 600.000 p2p transactions in july to find most of them... but it's growing every day and I can't keep up.

Would be lovely to make this more transparent and have something like a registered look up table to use this services.

Kind regards and keep on doing your great work


It's my pleasure!!

In the last two weeks, here are the accounts using drotto:

    [0] "bellyrub",
    [1] "drotto",
    [2] "lovejuice",
    [3] "booster",
    [4] "ace108",
    [5] "minnowhelper",
    [6] "discordia"

Nice I knew all of them except "ace108" :D

Do you have a similar list for other type of bots? I would love to see this in a public post from you, but I don't know if the users are okay with that (:


Well done. This is great video.

Upvoted & Resteemed!! Love these videos, great music too!! Awesome coding!

Let there be light

great video. thanks for sharing

I love these vids, Inertia. Keep up the great work!

Very talented gentleman.


You are a legend @inertia and thanks for keeping everything open source :)

I have been using the services of your bots and it has been flawless till now.

Thanks for all the innovations. Really helpful :)


... flawless till now.

What happened?


Nothing happened. I meant that the bots have been doing their tasks perfectly :)


Oh good.