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RE: My YouTube Account Was Terminated

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Easy to accuse the big media but they must apply the laws of different countries under penalty of very heavy fines. It's the GDPR. The biggest censors are the ones who make the laws and force the companies to apply them. Steemit will have to comply with the same laws. The GDPR is a real problem for the development of blockchain.
It's good to be critical but we don't always choose the right target.


You, dear Sir, have not the least idea what the GDPR is.

First of all, it has nothing to do with copyright. There is a lot of shitty copyright rules out there, most "created" by Disney (and other actors) and the worst is probably the DMCA, but the GDPR has nothing to do with that.

Copyright is included in GDPR as intellectual property.
Please, don't mix up censorship by a company and law enforcement of a country.

Please point me to a single article fo the GDPR where it changes copyright.

And please point me to a single article where the GDPR mandates censoring.

Also explain to me why it affects the blockchain.

First, before saying that my words are wrong, take the time to inform yourself. It would have taken you a few minutes to find that on Google, there are about 9,490,000 results (0.26 seconds) that deal with the subject "Intellectual property GDPR", and about 10,500,000 results (0,40 seconds) for the subject "blockchain gdpr".

Companies have two years to comply, which is why websites request permissions (cookies, etc.), modify the Legal Info, check the data and close accounts. This is not censorship on the part of companies but compliance with the law.

Here are some texts that touch the very core of the Internet and the blockchain.
Good reading!

Well, I only read the first.

And it still holds true: GDPR is not changing anythign at copyright. Nothing has changed.

Okay, I might correct that a little bit:

Changed is that rules are now for all European countries what was standard for e.g. "my" Germany and most other countries.
For example, if you provided for German users, you were responsible for data protection wherever on the world you are.

But copyright (and this was the point) - nothing has changed there at all.

Again, be informed before writing.
There are approximately 42,800,000 results (0,66 seconds) on the topic "copyright intellectual property difference".
In short, the IP is "You can think of Intellectual Property of an umbrella of sorts that encompass thinks like copyrights, trademarks, and patents."
IT, social media and blockchain face a real problem: the GDPR, the AML / KYC laws and the laws of "fake news" and false information in several countries.
The laws are

  • extraterritorial
  • the author and publisher - including blockchains - are responsible for the content and may be sued.

Many projects are stopped, abandoned or awaiting clarification or changes in laws.

Believe me, I am well aware about the copyright, patent, trade marks and the difference between the European and the English-American system.

Again, the author wrote about copyright.
He didn't wrote about patents censoring him and I never said that. If IP includes more then copyright or not is of no concern.

And again, all you wrote has nothing to do with copyright.
And again the GDPR does not change copyright.

Dont throw text masses on people if you want to prove something. Point them to something.

If you cannot do that I must assume that you can't find anything that proves your point and are just trying to make me waste time and give up.

Misunderstanding! Several comments mention censorship. I expressed the opinion that it was not censorship but compliance with the GDPR.

This account has been terminated because we have multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted.

GDPR refers to intellectual property including copyright.
I never said that the GDPR modified the copyright.

What is your problem?

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