Youtube Part 3: #YoutubeWakeUp & How Youtubers Respond like Grovelling, Lickspittle Subordinates

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What man can judge another when they are an indentured servant of a global, supralegal social media entity?

The scummy responses to MattWhatItIs. Humanity and community conflates itself into a cowardly stance of self-protection. Never bite at the breast that you suckle upon, nor nibble at the wrinkled nipple that expunges such sour milk which you greedily suck down your gullet. Humans at their worst all thanks to Youtube, not #YoutubeWakeUp


Youtubers are generally shit people these days. It's best to not listen to them with any devoted attention or hold their opinion in any stead. The redolent fart sniffing of each other's concerns over #YoutubeWakeUp so blatantly illustrated how self-centred and selfish they to me and witnessing that has changed my perception irrevocably. I grimace inn disgust as I recall how a very pressing concern regarding online child safety made their slavish tenure to a global billionaire corporation all the more tenuous to hold onto. Suddenly being a "Youtuber" seemed a bit silly when you realised that without Youtube, you could just be left another 30-40 year old dude with a hoodie and trendy beard. Suddenly they had to hold onto that with a greater desperation, like their own identity was going to be torn from their chest and laid bare for all to mock.

Are Youtubers generally shit people or is it Youtube itself that makes them shit? I am biased in this questioning and I do readily admit it. I remember a time before broadband internet when having a type of slapstick or quasi-intellectual personality manifest itself into an e-celeb was not possible. I'm not sure where that leaves us now but the fallout from #YoutubeWakeUp has left a permanent distaste in my mouth for Youtubers.

I still irk at the term "Youtuber" and don't consider it a career of much value for anyone to aspire to, or a career that helps make society function better. So when the disproportionate level of hatred, hysteria and sycophantic berating came out the maw of Youtubers like a roaring angry mob so utterly incomprehensible in their spitting rage, I reduced my opinion of Youtube and Youtubers down even lower. Of what worth was this? Of what value are their voices if they aren't upholding what is probably their only future chance of success? If a platform like Youtube wont ensure that a protected and nourishing platform exists in the future for their current youngest demographic, then how will these Youtubers of today cater for a younger generation that will likely be a much more savvy and capricious audience? Or more damaged for that matter...

How Many Fucking Adpocalypses?

The sanctimonious outcries of ADPOCALYPSE, ADPOCALYPSE echoing through the Youtuber reaction videos regarding #YoutubeWakeUp are consistently incorrect from what I've bothered to watch. Calling it Adpocalypse 2.0 seems to be what everyone has settled upon despite it being factually incorrect. By my count MattWhatItIs's viral video triggered what should be termed Adpocalypse 4.0

Every single Youtuber who has called Matt Watson's video "Adpocalypse 2.0" seems ill-informed. Fake news spreads like this: in the first instance a slight misrepresentation of the facts that once accepted as commonplace will distort history, muddle the present and attempt to control the future.

The narrative is not a script to be a written like for a Youtube video my dear young E-shillebrities. Try to look behind the hashtag, assume a different perspective and keep an open, inquisitive mind. You never know, you may learn something all on your own in doing so!

Matt's viral video surrounding #YoutubeWakeup would be the fourth adpocalypse.

Adpocalypse #1

The first was ISIS, Terrorist and other content driven by extreme ideologies having adverts appearing alongside or over them. Earliest reporting I've found on this being an issue for advertisers and Youtube's income earnt from advertising appeared in this NBC News Article from March 2015.

Adpocalypse #2

The second was PewdiePie and his berating by the Wall Street Journal and other such establishment press which began around January 2017. To make a long story short, Pewdiepie was a dirty nazi and singlehandedly risks millions of dollars in advertising for the Youtube platform by being edgy with his politically incorrect humour.

Although he does lose out by the end of it when Disney's Maker Studios boots him from their Multi-Channel Network , PewdiePie also bears the brunt of Adpocalypse 2.0, with many Youtubers and affiliated stakeholders in the platform using his demotion as an opportunity to downsize. He is also blamed for some of the more guerilla tactics employed by journalists in approaching advertisers with evidence of their ads appearing alongside anti-semitic material and the like on Youtube. Strange? Or does this sound somewhat familiar...

Adpocalypse #3

The third is #Elsagate. Quite ironic that we are having the disturbing and unsuitable children's content on Youtube still being reported in the media today as if it was a fresh horror to bestow upon child users of Youtube. To add to the absurdity of presenting #Elsagate as if it was new phenomena is that it doesn't even register as an Adpocalypse by Youtubers. Like all previous content that caused Adpocalypses, #elsagate was never sufficiently addressed and hence why it now rears it's ugly head again (along with Momo of all bloody things).

Adpocalypse #4

And here we come to the present: 17th February 2019 MattWhatItIs releases a video that goes viral very quickly. The online shillosphere is ablaze and flailing it's arms around wildly. Advertisers are bombarded with evidence showing their products or services being advertised alongside child exploitation material on Youtube. The Youtuber "Community" loses their bearings and creates video after video of debate, opinion and denunciation of Matt as a person and #YoutubeWakeup as a movement.

You've all heard about it by now and followed the opinions of others regarding it. I wonder if you relied upon a slew of Youtubers who are the insiders in this problem with a precariously held stake in the game. These e-celebs who quickly ran to the defense of Youtube as a platform while simultaneously denigrating Matt as an individual with an concerted offensive dogpiling of him, and the #YoutubeWakeUp scandal.

It mattered not because #YoutubeWakeUp has caused major losses to the adverting clients that Youtube held previously all the while being mislabeled as "Adpocalypse 2.0". I can't surmise whether this mislabeling is due to ignorance or intentionally playing down the repetitive failures of Youtube over the years, and how in all instances it cost them and it's users considerably.

So I kick back and let the good times roll, kicking back to read the only article (published 1st March 2019) I've ever read and considered informative or unbiased.

Seeing the latest wave of negative publicity surrounding Youtube and the #YoutubeWakeupScandal today will make the below criticisms of Youtube content creators that threw their hat into the ring of hating Matt more enjoyable to write. And if you are like me and take enjoyment from being unfettered to any e-celeb or their hypochondrial plight, then I hope you enjoy this as much as I'm enjoying reporting on it.

Content Creators of Some Calibre. Youthful yet honest with aplomb.

Truth motivates my creative enterprise and a desire for justice inspires my investigations. Does that makes a boring "Content Creator", one that is quite dry and out of touch with virality or the cyclical nature of "outrage of the week" melodrama? Perhaps it does but I certainly wouldn't have it any other way .

I feel good about my old-world ethics and sardonic charms, quietly comforted by the knowledge that I can so easily debunk this legion of content-creating individuals. I am a little smug about it as I feel these Youtubers are on their way to losing relevance. Their platform from whence a pseudo-career is forged, falters, sputters then fails under the weight of its own iniquity.

I take a sip of my wine, tip my hat and bid adieu to you, good sirs!


All Youtubers, please enjoy the linked traffic from my article!


This is not Adpocalypse 2.0. I also disagree with your summation that Matt went offline after three days because he was more interested in boycotting advertisers on Youtube than actually fixing the problem. If it wasn't for Matt, then #YoutubeWakeUp would not have gotten the viral global attention that it did, and you would not have been able to make videos to detract from his actions.

Considering your apparent age, I think you aren't capable of understanding the crux of Matt's meaning behind his actions: you do not have your own children or engagement in a world where adults would once come into being without such social media centrism. Are you unable of envisaging a life without such things as Youtube and it's steadfast support of advertisers on the platform?

In saying all this, BowBlax is like an errant younger brother. Smart and earnest in his presentation, yet probably scheming a path of ascension to Youtuber stardom. Not an altogether bad little bro (for now). Wont be all that long until dreams of ascension into Youtuber nobility is undercut by realizing this grinder will take as much fresh meat as it can!

Timestamped at what I heard parroted around so much but absolutely no one (Youtubers or Youtube) provided evidence for: "It's not like Youtube is not actively doing something" "They're making steps trying to address this problem" " they're actually trying to do something"

I have no idea who Scrubby is but Tipster is alright. He is fairly reciprocal to banter on Twitter and holds a more balanced non-Youtuberesque viewpoint that I respect. I also like his honesty but he's still stubbornly blinded regarding #YoutubeWakeup.

  • Fraud Matt Watson Quits After #YoutubeWakeUp Backlash - L OF THE DAY - Rant - L of the Day

    • 26th February 2019, 41k views

      "All I know is you are Trash, Matt"
      I remember you from your Twittch thottery and whoring research video so it's puzzling to see you take the unimaginative angle and run with it against Matt.

      A few minutes into your rant and I can see you are just naïve.
      I quote: "How could someone possibly ruin such a great thing? How could someone possibly screw this up?"
      Well it can't be such a great thing if one man screwed this up.
      Hidden agenda? I guess it's such a shock to all these:

      Youtubers so keen,

      with their vlogging sheen

      with accentuated narrations

      and empassioned dramatizations

      believing others to be all exaggerations

      when they see someone speaking about something serious

      appearing to be genuinely emotionally affected by the seriousness of what they speak.

      Little more attention? Little more views?
      What channels were terminated? What shady media sites and blogs was he reaching out to?
      I would watch more but you are stoned in this personal little rant video and your clouded insights just illustrate you do not grasp the overall issue.
      It's naive to think that Youtube is the judge and jury in relation to how far #YoutubeWakeup should go, or with what brevity it should be treated.

      Foremost it's the law which will hold Youtube accountable; not rant videos, not Youtubers and not Youtube's Media and Public relations' teams.


    • 20th February 2019, 5.5k views

      Wew, lad? Unirock is insane. Here's a quick rundown:

  • OBS recording of some subreddit that is meant to provide irrefutable proof that MattWhatitis and #YoutubeWakeUp is a many month's old conspiracy.

  • redditor posts read out to the smooth sounds of jazz lounge

  • Interview video clip of a Pokemon Go Youtuber Channel who did not just have his channel taken down but his whole Google account axed

  • More redditor narration with highlighting using a mouse for emphasis

  • Bitches at @titusfrost and calls him an SJW for reasons I can't deduce. Possibly jealousy as Titus can criticize Youtube easily by not being indentured to it or afraid of it's censure. Much like I do too and boy is it fun to poke and laugh at these hobbled goblins, stuck to Youtube like a barnacle to a shipwreck sinking into the sulfurous sediment surrounding Silicon Valley.

I'm not going to link his subsequent 3 and a half hour D-D-D-DEEEEEEEP DIVE into #YoutubeWakeUp because the Lady Gaga link to the #YoutubeWakeUp hashtag is just too much to sully this platform with.


This guy is not too bad really. I hadn't seen his video until I decided to write this article and am pleasantly surprised to see him not go hysterical or commit character assassination against Matt Watson.

However, there is no acceptable excuse for Youtube to shirk any responsbility or commit further resources to that of ensuring Child Online Safety. If Youtube was more serious about their reputation and not just the masses of revenue earnt as the world's second most visited website, it would strive as a market dominating force to not be riddled with criminal content and behaviours.

As easy as it is to become exploited using Youtube, the Youtube platform is extremely exploitable itself . Monolithic size is no excuse, errant algorithms are no excuse, trying to mitigate the impact such child exploitation behaviours and child sexual abuse imagery has in driving away advertisers on Youtube is not an excuse either.
Illegal content, online enticement of children plus various other exploitative behaviours both financial and sexual are more than enough to warrant the withdrawal of advertisers. I would not want my billboards anywhere near the Tower of Babylon.

So is it any surprise that several successful class actions attest to Youtube's status as being a #WildWestWeb environment? From cryptocurrency scams to the illegal collection of minors under the age of 13's data, Youtube puts on a happy face for the outside whilst melting and self-immolating on the inside. Youtube is in an unique position of global power and it uses that status to deceive, inveigle and obfuscate any opposition or investigation of it.

Last but not least, we have the best of the least worst Youtuber's give us his hot take with a grimace and a hard to swallow lump in his throat. This must not have been a video he wanted to make at all and oh boy, is it obvious!

  • We lost? - PewdiePie

    • 24th February 2019, 12.5mil views



As we dwell upon PewdiePie's boilerplate pro-Youtube opinion at the close of this foray into Youtuber, E-Shillebrity & Investimastubatory clown-world antics, we should dwell a little bit longer on it all. One day I should sit down and write a novel about what I have uncovered during the several years I've spent investigating Youtube and Social Media in general. It's rather sinister when you dwell on how little we know about these enormous, trans international juggernauts that have inserted themselves into global daily life.

The truth of the matter is, at least to me, that we are purposely kept from seeking accountability or something akin to clarity from such entities. The lack of both of these qualities makes all such social media platforms and supra-legal global corporations untrustworthy to me.

And when I dug just slightly beneath the surface, alone and with various groups I've rolled with... I could never become a comfortable member of this global "community" again.

Remember that you have a choice to not be part of the audience. Exercise that choice before the whole world becomes a stage of theatre and sham which you will be forced to endure until your demise.

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