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RE: Authors I Think Are Great: My Nominations for the Top 3 Monthly Contest – Favourite Authors

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Ooooooh how I enjoyed Of Mice And Men. I had read it a couple of times, one time being in school and I had a project of having to draw two characters and a scene with quote's from the book. I drew Curley and his wife and also drew the forest through which Lennie had to walk through before he died. That was years ago, so I can't even recall if he and George did walk through a forest. I vaguely remember in the movie that Lennie was shot just before a lake.... Ok, this means I need to read the book again lol. It is a sad read and the emotions that come from reading that book are powerful... That feeling of being stuck and not being able to do anything to help, the overwhelming feeling for the poor big guy that is filled with love. OMG I gotta read it again lol.

Thank you for your entry! Well written and very descriptive. Wonderful work you put into this.


I think I was twelve when I read Of Mice and Men, and I can remember how I felt about the characters and what was going on as I read. I remember thinking it was so good when Lennie smashed Curley's hand! Then I felt bad when the puppy got crushed, but understood at that young age he couldn't help it. Or when he unintentionally took the life of Curley's wife.

Reading that book was quite a ride for my first dip into appreciating classic literature. I should read it again too, but my memory of that story is still so vivid in my mind!

I know right! I got excited at that too. It was definitely a roller coaster read. I hope the schools keep that book alive in literature. A strong book to experience.