Hello, Friends! It's time for me to "Be The Change" & the good news is...it can help us BOTH!! (#steemteamwork)

Hey Friends! How's it going?

I have been pondering some things and have decided to make some changes to my blog. I feel that it makes sense to embody the beliefs that I hold, and as you know, among them are the desire to co-create & participate in mutually beneficial relationships & opportunities. It's the main reason I joined STEEMIT and LOVE IT so much. With that being said, among my personal priorities as a Steemian is to help my fellow Steemers grow along with me. Therefor I am implementing a slight change that I feel will help empower each of us.

I sincerely appreciate your support and would like to take the #letsgrowtogether initiative a step further and try something new. You see, as I have said, I love the Spirit of Steemit. So much in fact that I feel that (for me) if you are supporting my work (which helps me to earn), then I would like to share those earnings with you. Afterall, You helped me to achieve them, so in my heart, that's a form of #steemteamwork.


I will be sharing the SBD EARNED from THIS POST FORWARD with all those who support (upvote) each post. Yes, that's right! EVERY POST I make will be considered a "Let's Grow Together" post. Please simply upvote them as you normally would (IF YOU TRULY LIKE THEM or FIND VALUE IN THEM) and you will be included in the distribution for each post upvoted.


I want you to know that all of you totally ROCK and I hope you have the greatest day!

ALSO!!! If you would like EVEN MORE FREE SBD

Simply UPVOTE the current Let's Grow Together! FREE Daily SBD posts below

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September 10

September 11

CHEERS! Let's Keep Growing Friends!

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I believe in STEEMIT & YOU! That's why Your Steemian Friend @karmashine's blog is dedicated to recruitment of Steemians, Community Support & Development of Mutually Beneficial Relationships & Opportunities (including FREE DAILY SBD, RESTEEMS & MORE!). I am here to help emPOWER UP our people ~ (and I will also occasionally share some of my personal art and other things along the way). Thank you for reading/viewing!

Happy Steeming!

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very nice post thanks for sharing . i upvoted you i hope you will view my profile and upvote as well. thanks


Thank you! I will take a look my new friend :)

Cheers & Happy Steeming!


Wicked awesomeness my friend!!! Cheers & Happy Steeming! :)

Look forward to seeing your other writings.


Thank you! I will be sharing a couple new posts later today :)

This is awesome...face it how can we go wrong upvoting some one with Karma in there name :)


Thank you @needmorestuff! I agree, this is wicked awesome and I am totally pumped about it! It feels good to be helping out my friends & spreading good karma around :)

Cheers & Happy Steeming!!! I hope you have a great day!

I'm just learning about the #letsgrowtogether and #steemteamwork tags. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you for checking them out :) I hope you will stay tuned & continue to join in!

Cheers & Happy Steeming my friend! Have a great day!

Love what you're doing. Let's work together #steemteamwork. Upvoted


Thank youuuuuuu @kp138!! Cheers to our Happy Steeming & #steemteamwork!

Have a great day my friend! :)

Hola @karmashine , mucho éxito con tus publicaciones. Estamos para apoyarnos, cuentas con mi voto. Te acabo de agregar en este momento y podamos seguirnos.


Hola @erick1987!

Muchas gracias mi amigo :)

Cheers & Happy Steeming!


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Thank you @cyb3rmixao & @originalworks! :)

Cheers & Happy Steeming Friends!

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Yessssssss!!!!! Thank you @steemitboard :)

Cheers my friend! Happy Steeming!

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Very encouraging to know! Thank you @screenname as always!

Cheers & Happy Steeming!

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Thank you as always @minnowpond! Cheers my friend!