Thankful Thursday Report - 10/18/2018

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     How quickly time has passed, a week that ends and another that begins, new updates and better things to come, as long as the Sun comes out again, we will continue working for a better one to come. On Thursday of every week we dedicate a report of all donors, last Thursday we could not do one, so in this we will indicate the donors over the last two weeks starting from the last report:

0.514 SBD received from @thealliance | Community Chest

1 SBD received from @thealliance | Community Chest

3.244 STEEM received from @msp-foundation | Donation

2.092 STEEM received from @msp-foundation | Donation

2.166 STEEM received from @msp-foundation | Donation

3.063 STEEM received from @msp-foundation | Donation

2.441 STEEM received from @msp-foundation | Donation

2.18 SBD received from @crisangel | Community Chest.

4 SBD received from @sgt-dan | Won a contest and am sending a little over half for the babies. Thank @enginewitty.

13.556 SBD received from @crescendoofpeace | Proceeds from my posts, sorry for tardiness.

2.55 SBD received from @battleaxe | Donation from Post Payout, God Bless


As always, a special "Thank you!" to the continuous support provided through the generosity of profits from:
@sneaky-ninja. Total payments = 25.940 SBD.
@lost-ninja. Total payments = 12.038 STEM and 8.892 SBD.
@alliedforces. Total payments = 0.102 STEEM and 0.121 SBD.

      #community-chest is one of the new labels we are trying to use to better recognize the publications that the generous Steemianos offer for donations. We have several weeks doing this new initiative #community-chest and we also have some active publications, so be sure to review and vote with a lot of love:

      @crescendoofpeace is a great girl who is constantly donating part of the rewards of her publications to YAH, it's amazing, you should check her blog or at least her latest publication: My Place in the World - Haiku - When in Doubt, Look Within.

  • Special thanks to @crisangel for compiling the report this week!

Proudly Affiliated With #thealliance.



Glad to see that funds are building up on a consistent basis. I know the right team and the right projects will unfold over time. 💞

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