YouAreHOPE Thankful Thursday Donor Report! (Now With Actual Photo!)

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Please accept my apologies, I had the grandbabies today and barely got the post up at all...~fishy

Photo by @longsilver

Time for another Thankful Thursday report from YouAreHOPE, the blockchain based charity that is revolutionizing how loving people are reaching out to those in need everywhere in the world. This past week YouAreHOPE teamed up with @backtoschool to put smiles on student's faces at three schools in Nigeria. The wonderful thing about doing this on the blockchain is we ALL get to see the smiles!

In related news, YAH Founder @sircork gave an interview you might enjoy, hosted by @jamesmovic.

Next week, @littlescribe will be hosting a debate between @sircork and @timcliff, get the details about that here!

A grateful shout out to our generous donors this week!

@sneaky-ninja and @lost-ninja continue to share their profits with YAH, providing much needed steady funding. Thanks, ninjas!
The faucet from @sydejokes also continues to drip for the needy!
We have a NEW profit sharing donor this week, a big "Thank you" to @alliedforces! (learn more about this ned bid bot with a heart here!
Donations came in from these fine folks:
5.000 SBD from @derangedvisions Keep helping those in need
0.262 SBD from @elizacheng 25% from MakeMeSmile weekly payout
2.000 STEEM from @battleaxe
5.000 SBD from @jesse2you because I want to help
1.0 SBD from @longsilver A small donation is much bigger than no donation
2.000 SBD from @katrina-ariel teamgood love
2.000 SBD from @fishyculture Donation

THANK YOU to our fabulous donors this (and every) week!

You can help support YouAreHOPE with a simple upvote of this post and resteems always help. Even a small donation and / or delegation will help bring HOPE those who need it the most.

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THANK YOU to everyone involved in making YAH happen! This is the best example I know of to show that decentralization does NOT mean abandoning those in need. Give because you CAN and CHOOSE to, not because some government put a gun to your head!

Keep up team and all donators are doing an kind job and you'll will be backed by the blessings. Thanks for sharing this post with us. Wishing you an great day team. Stay blessed. 🙂

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Invite to the YAH server

Gracias a todas las personas que colaboran con @youarehope para lograr alcanzar todas las metas que se proponen. Saludos y Bendiciones para todos sus miembros

It's always good to have the grandbabies at home. They make it more colorful. Thanks for showing those kids hope and faith in humanity. We are so lucky we have many amazing steemians who are very willing to help and has a huge heart for those in need.

I hope I can earn more to give more to help...