David Thompson Preparatory School 1

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Thanks very much to @youarehope who sponsors Organizations such a steemit kids world foundation in Ghana to help change a child's life and also @ackza who also helps whenever needed to sponsor these little children. and also a big thank you to @surfyogi for his support in all we do.

Whenever we watch these little kids there is only one question that comes to mind. How best are we going to change their lives?
There are lots of little children going through so much that just a little push will lift them up on their feet to start their journey.

Steemit Kids world Foundation is reaching out to such kids in Ghana to help "change their lives through steemit". Most of us had a difficult childhood and we at steemit Kids world foundation want to use this opportunity to help children who are lacking certain educational materials or even food to eat.

This is just a new beginning for this Ghanaian little Children.

I would love to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to @youarehope, @ackza, @sircork, @surfyogi, @bleepcoin, @stellabelle, @reko, @yehey, @guiltyparties, @justinashby @elgeko, @battleaxe etc. It couldn't have been done without their generous help and support.

We Are Steeming To The Moon.

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Wow great video and good to meet the headmaster..great work soldiers!


yeah isnt this a great idea? To give each kid a post so they can continue to earn on steemit? It a genius idea, allows the account holder t make a lil stempower, but pay the actual whole payout in SBD thanks to the hig BD price :D

Soon we will have a @steepshot style reward sharing system for people who want to delegate steempower to #teamghana :D
Like this https://steemit.com/steem/@steepshot/let-s-make-steem-great-again-incentives-to-sponsors-announcement-from-steepshot


Yeah sure bro that's awesome bro @ackza


Thanks alot @bleepcoin
More steem work on the way

We are so proud of you from all of us in the YAH community. We are thrilled to be able to provide what you needed to accomplish this mission with the love and generosity of the steem community and I am personally humbled to know such young men as you, exemplary of how all young men should be. God blessed you with something special, bro.

You are my international, interplanetary bro, and we are gonna fly this thing all the way to the moon, man, all the way!

Great work with the kids.

Yours in Service
@sircoRk :P


Thanks very much to the YAH community for their generous support to our projects and helping kids who are in need. Steemit Kids World Foundation is very grateful for the love.

Steem To The Moon


There will be universal love and steem on the moon man :)


yeah sure bro :)

Children are the future leaders and how we groom them will be influential in who they become. Wonderful work giving a chance to those who lost hope.



This is the noble cause.. Good attempt

This is a good work, I am so proud and support your motion. The children re the future of this world, you are doing a great job. I am trying to start one in my country in August.


That is great

We can get too busy in Society to pause and look around, .....I applaud so many of you and your efforts
high five @kofpato