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How can humanity break free from the chains of financial slavery and work its way toward financial freedom in this competitive driven society? How can humanity awaken to the reality of global unity and oneness?


Most people today are distracted and are missing out on this current financial extinction event. I predict that in a couple of years from now paper Money as we know it will be "worthless". And unfortunately many people will be left behind.

The Zenvow is a good example of a practical application in order to solve real world problems. I strongly believe that altruistic projects such as this one will help shift the world into a better direction. Creating new solid foundations for human personal evolution.

We see a future where conscious consumers will only buy and adopt products and services that enrich them with cryptocurrencies, this will allow for fair distribution of access to goods and services.

Companies and governments of the future will have no leaders, they will all run on open source decentralized blockchain services just like the ZenVow.

We are not the owners of the project, it has no leaders. The ZenVow team and myself, are just light workers giving it an initial push. And in 80 to 100 years from now we won't be here, so there is no point in making that attachment. A little bit of Buddhism 101 right there.


Why don’t we need leaders, because most of them become attached to power, are susceptible to corruption, manipulation, and at the end of the day there capacity of decision is based on their limited cognitive function.
On the other hand computers have the ability to make much more complex decisions, based on possessing huge quantities of data, under artificial intelligence algorithms. The results will be unbiased and uncorrupted, free from any conflict of interest, and the software can be upgraded for implementing improvements as time goes by.

The Zenvow project aspires to enable financial freedom on foundations of positive and healthy behaviors, compassion and higher consciousness.

The technology we have today allows for us to implement these foundations, but without your help this is just one more idea on a piece of paper. So please help us spread the message, if not for our success than just for spreading this altruistic train of thought.

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Hopefully the project will be launched in 2 phases, in phase 1 we will be launching the Zenvow sensor and Meditation pad. After users start receiving there rewards, they can start spending them as they wish.

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In phase 2 we would like to launch the Zenvow Meditation resorts where users can have access to clean water, healthy biologic organic food and clean shelter, all this in return for their Zenvow Rewards. Making it a sustainable system.

Big cities, have the most dense population areas in the world, and they are populated mostly because of the financial reward system. This environment is noisy, pollution prone, loaded with cheap unhealthy fast foods, and are an overall negative environment for human health.

We need to create a cleaner more healthy atmosphere in order to settle the zenvow users and most importantly a sustainable one.


We would like to take the opportunity to ask for your support and especially to Satoshi Nakamoto.
In order to build multiple resorts all over the world we humbly ask you to donate some of your unused bitcoins, we will put them to good use. This would help accelerate the global implementation of the zenvow system.

If by any reason our project does not succeed, than, it is out of our hands, and it is up to you to come up with a solution or implementation in order to end the current financial human oppression system.
This is the new Human right struggle of the 21 century, and in my opinion this is the biggest challenge facing mankind today. If we don’t try to fix this problem it won’t get fixed on its own.

I have made my own personal vows, and they include among many things devoting my life to healthy practices, and most importantly to use my engineering talents to enable other people to do the same.
Please read our white paper for more information. Please feel free to share improvements and ideas.

I finish off this very long pitch by quoting Socrates: Let's not waste our energy fighting the old, let’s use it to build the new.

Thank you for all your attention, and hopefully, welcome to the future.

Om shanti

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