My first time doing aerial yoga on the beach!

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I found the perfect place to do aerial yoga

This palm tree angles outwards instead of up. This creates an ideal crossbar-like structure for me to hang my #aerialyoga swing from. Just outside of the backyard of my Airbnb house here in Puerto Rico, less than 100 ft away. This is a dream come true indeed, it is what I have always envisioned.


I saw a picture of the tree on the Airbnb listing, and I said right then and there that it was going to be perfect for me to use. Indeed it is, the very first time I set up my equipment I was able to easily get into action. There was no making it work, it just did. The only thing I did have to do was dig some of the sand away, that way I could easily invert & my head would not touch the ground while doing so. Believe it or not, the digging of sand was much more taxing than the yoga exercises themselves.



Photos of my lovely experience

I took many photos today, and will take many more during the next 10 days that I have left here to enjoy this beautiful island. I however am not going to post them all in one post. So you would be wise to follow me if you want to see more content like this.

For now, enjoy a few images from my first time out on the beach doing aerial.








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Wow this is such a great post and your photos look so serene!!! You look like you are having a wonderful time :)


Thank you so much 🤗
It is great out there, love it tremendously.

p.s. it did make me laugh that you dug a hole :)

p.p.s. you make the most amazing spiritual graphics! Love the mandala design you use as a divider!!


You may laugh even harder if you knew that I dug that hole with my hands and feet.

The design compliment means a lot. I have put much effort into the way that I layout my posts. I’m a big fan of teal and the flower of life pattern if you can’t already tell 😉

Awww wow the beaches looking similar to Thailand!

I have never tried aerial yoga but that looks amazing bro it reminds me of an inversion table at least in the photo when your hanging vertically.

Your life looks amazing their bro!


If Thailand is any bit similar to Puerto Rico then I will love it there. I have no doubts about that already.

Inversions are so easy with a yoga swing/hammock. I know you are familiar with a pull-up bar, but these things here are so much more versatile.

I am only here for two weeks sadly. I am working my hardest to get to your level of living in a beautiful place like this every single day. During my time here, I have been 100% blissed out. I need this everyday.

Hi@daltono, It's good post on yoga! I enjoy your content and i appreciate for photo. Keep up the good work.
It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit

I am so happy that you have the perfect spot to hang your Aerial swing. The setting is so perfect and beautiful. 🏝 🌞


¡Muchas gracias!
It is wonderful to be here 🤩🌊

it is important to make your mind free and easy...i am going for it .


@daltono appreciated me by stemin thank

Hey... good work. Do you know if there is a yoga discord?



I honestly do not know. I assume yes. I don’t use discord much at all though.