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With the advent and tremendous success of Bitcoin, digital currency (specifically crypto currency a subset of digital currency) has proven itself to be the next evolution in the way we conduct business.

Had you purchased $1000 of Bitcoin in early 2010 (at 0.3 cents per coin) and held on to that purchase, your holding would currently be worth approximately $25,000,000.00...that's 25 million dollars!

No one thinks Bitcoin will ever be THAT low again! We cannot make guarantees of what YOcoin’s value could become but its progress is very compelling!

There is an opportunity to participate in a REAL crypto currency – like Bitcoin – yet a more advanced crypto currency named, YOcoin.

YOcoin was founded & launched on December 7th, 2015 by three highly experienced Bitcoin programmers who recognized various ways to create a next-generation crypto currency.

They started out by mining Bitcoins and as programmers, recognized ways to do things more effectively & efficiently building on their experiences.

YOcoin is Bitcoin 2.0. (or 3.0!) For instance, it takes 10 minutes for a Bitcoin transaction to be executed, however with the evolved script algorithm that YOcoin utilizes a transaction only takes 1.5 minutes to execute...that's almost 7 times faster!

YOcoin is designed to be an even more advanced crypto currency. It is an open-ledger, publicly exchanged, peer-to-peer crypto currency that is designed for the general public worldwide and will be utilized to pay for goods and services by many different industries across the globe, including but not limited to the direct sales industry.

There is little doubt that the technological and software breakthroughs that form the basis of crypto currency (and the blockchain) have in fact, evolved and advanced the way electronic transactions are conducted. As a matter of fact, banks, central banks & governments worldwide are currently investing in research in order to apply blockchain technology in various forms.

Bloomberg TV Canada - Blockchain & Digital Currency - 8 min

ARTICLE: Bloomberg TV Canada - Bank of Canada experimenting with Blockchain type technology

As is the case with any business, timing is everything! Since it's launch in December 2015, YOcoin has risen into the top 200 crypto currencies out of over 650 currencies on the market. YOcoin is currently being traded on 5 recognized public crypto coin exchanges, yet it's current value remains under 25 cents per coin.

This is truly “buying low”!

The fact that a direct-sales (hybrid affiliate) model is being employed to create the YOcoin marketplace and community, gives YOcoin a tremendous advantage over all other REAL crypto currencies. Currently, over 1,000 people a week are becoming a part of the YOcoin marketplace and community and that growth is accelerating as is always the case with successful direct sales companies.

This circulation and the future acceptance of YOcoin as a form of payment by merchants worldwide ensures its appreciation in value. At just 1% the current value of Bitcoin YOcoin would be worth $6 (and remember it is currently trading at just pennies a coin).

Beyond any doubt YOcoin is an unparalleled opportunity of a LIFETIME! Your prayers have been answered. You are in the right place at the right time...will you let this one pass you by?

You can get more information at Here you will find a number of videos that cover the Technology and the forces that are driving this industry.

You can also what a video I created called - What is YOcoin -

Please contact me as soon as you can as this is now growing rapidly.


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