Youtubers For My Students: Improvement Pill

in #yfms4 years ago

Improvement Pill is a personality development youtuber. His topics are classic in this niche with a focus on personal productivity and personal finances.

improvement pill.png

What I like most on this channel is the unique animation style. It is in a way of a self drawn comic strip an in my opinion well fitting for our younger teenagers. Its topics though are probably a bit to heavy for the many of the younger ones The videos are short, on average around five minutes.

Many of the videos have subtitles, rendering them easier to understand even for non-native speakers. Some of the videos even have spanish subtitles.

Improvement Pill is medicorely monetized. More or less half of the videos have youtube adwords enabled.

One of my favorite videos on this channel is a brief manual how to start meditation. It is short, easy to follow and a good starter into this topic also for my younger students.

What do you think about Improvement Pill in general and meditation in special? Will you recommend this channel to your students?

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