Youtubers For My Students: Freedom in Thought

in yfms •  6 months ago 

Philosophy in its purity might seem a bit boring or complicated to teenagers but the youtube channel "Freedom in Thought" can change that.

freedom in Thoughtpng.png

In contrast to the channels I presented before, "Freedom in Thought" is much less about business. It is rather more about pure philosophy, stoicism and mindset. It has also some videos about learning methods and self control.

The graphics used are in a comic style which seems to be unique and not generated by one of the common portals.

The channel is monetized by adwords and sponsorships of quality pages like "brilliant", the "great courses plus" and severeal more. As the quality of "Freedom in Thought" is supreme, the heavy monetization is acceptable, in my view.

Probably it is not made for every teenager but as some of my students are labled "specially gifted", it is extremely good for those special students usually bored by standard level lessons.

Lastly, I want to recommend my favorite video: "First Principle Thinking". I am used to think like that from the time I was a researcher in chemistry - though I never reflected on the way I have been thinking those days.

Did you enjoy it, too? Can you recommend it to some of your students?

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