Youtubers For My Students: Evan Carmichael

in #yfms4 years ago

Evan Carmichael is gernerally a personal development youtube channel, but has a very unique way of doing videos.

evan carmichael.png

On this channel there are no book summaries, Evan Carmichael picks for each of his video very succesfull authors and other persons from economy, sports or other fields. Than he searches the web for videos, where theses persons speak about their personal rules for success. He cuts out these rules from the long videos and puts them together in a new, short one.

On the first look, it seems a bit sloppy but I really like it, because this way enables Evan to be extremely productive. He has so many videos about persons I did not know before and combines a lot of wisdom.

The channel has no youtube adwords or other obvious monetization. For Evan it is more about developing his name as a personal brand. He makes indrectly a living from the channel by offering his services as a consultant or payed mentor.

Evan's own message is simply one word: BELIEVE. He is a powerful motivator.

One of my favorite videos on this channel is the one about Gary Vaynerchuk.

What do you thing about Gary's message or Evan's style of doing videos? Will you recommend it to your students?

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