Youtubers For My Students: alphaM

in #yfms4 years ago

alphaM is a youtube channel teaching style and giving advice to boys and men.


The author, Aaron Marino, is what I imageine a gentlemen today. During my own nerdie teenager-years I hated guys like him. But from today's view, he is a great example for young men.

His main topic is style inlcuding wardrobe, care and styling. But also he is giving out a lot of advice for behaviour, dating and mindset. Furthermore he hits topics about
"manscaping", so how to care for genital area, if you are a man. And to round it up: He is giving some general health and fitnes advice, though he is honest about not beeing certified instructur in these areas.

Aaron's unique style of presenting his messanges makes him really stand out. He meets his audience as equals, is very casual and funny.

Let us be honest, Aaron is pushing the business side of his channel as hard as possible. He is a business man and he will alway be. However he is honest and he is putting out so much
value, that I can live with that. Another big plus is that he finds a lot of funny ways of advertising his products.

My favorite video on alphaM is the "manscaping tutorial". Its like everything you would like to learn from your father but never dared to ask.

Do you like alphaM and will you recommend it to your students?

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