Last Friday Yensesa Curation Party

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Yensesa Curation Party on 7th of September was great. We had a lot of people sharing their post and it also questions were being ask base on the post they share and answered them nicely. The show was fun and also there were rewards of yensesa tokens which was given out by @black-man, @desmond41 and @aquacy. Before one can win this reward they should be able to answer some question before so it was in a form of contest and @adeoyesteem, @imbigdee and others got the questions right and received their tokens. Join this curation party every Friday on Yensesa Discord Channel and lets have fun and also receive Yensesa tokens from the community. You can join Yensesa Discord Channel by clicking here. Vote for Yensesa as your witness on Whaleshares and also vote for wls-africa as your witness on whaleshares too and lets keep the African community going up. Thank you for your time its @desmond41 reporting from @ackza blog.

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that was a great moment spent with the wonderful families. Lets keep making @yensesa our own @ackza

Thanks for the feature, it was indeed a great time.

lol man lol!!.,,,.....