I did listen to the Ye thing on Timcast.

in #ye2 months ago


It didn't tell us he was antisemitic... we already kinda knew that. It didn't tell us he was weak enough to run from confrontation, because he did that to Piers. He obviously surrounds himself with hypemen and is insecure enough to need yes men that tell him he's a genius or whatever.

The thing that stood out to me? He wasn't even able to respond to softball, easy questions. Like... I felt Tim was actively trying to give him an out with reframes. I don't remember the exact words, but something to the effect of "what you really mean there is corporate media culture and bias, right? Regardless of group identity?" This interview deserved hard questions, and they weren't there. The fact that he couldn't even handle light pushback to his intentionally provocative bullshit was what stood out.


And... Sad. Mental health problems are a real thing, even for (maybe especially for?) celebrities.

The problem with celebrities is their environment and success creates mental illness. Then that mental illness is on public display for millions to see, yet they are surrounded by enablers and grifters feeding their illness and telling them they’re fine, it’s everyone else that’s crazy.

I mean... It's kinda like the power dynamic in politics both attracts the corruptible and exacerbates their tendencies.

Artists are more likely to be crazy and to be recognized as celebrities. The environment celebrities are in can make all that worse.

Less of a chicken and egg binary, and more something kinda reinforcing.

Power corrupts, and the pursuit of power attracts a certain kind of person.

Vicious cycle phenomenon and all that.

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