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Is this our Revenge of the Nerds moment? I was born in 1980, so I remember when the last thing you wanted to be was a nerd or gay. (I'm feeling really sorry for any gay nerds back in the day right now.) When I was in high school, it was not ok to talk about video games or comic books even though most of us liked them. You talked about football or how hot the cheerleaders were. There were alternative ways to be cool. You could skateboard or pretend to be a grungy rocker like Kurt Cobain, but keep your chess playing and PC talk to yourself or talk about it with your loser nerd friends somewhere else!


Speaking of PC talk. I thought that when people on the radio were complaining about PC culture, I thought they were hating on Personal Computers. I thought they were sick of their kids playing Wolfenstein and Doom like my mom was. I was about 23 when someone explained to me that it meant politically correct. When I was young people dropped the N word and made fun of anything LGBT like it was going out of style, so I don't know what they were complaining about back then. Those hateful people must really hate the PC culture of today.

When Did Nerds Win?

Was seeing Steve Jobs and Bill Gates become rich and in some ways more important than the president was when it happened? I don't think there was an exact date or moment when being a nerd was not only ok, but a positive thing. It was definitely after the 90s and before the 2010s. Do you remember a specific moment or event when things changed? I know that things like this change over time, but there are still key moments that show or even create change.

Can He Win the Democratic Nomination?

Yang is so against what mainstream and corporate powers want that he will have a hard time on the outdated TV. He is without a doubt the best shot at beating Trump. Joe Biden is all creepy and touchy with little girls. Elizabeth Warren is delusional if she thinks she has anything presidential about her. The other candidates are just lame and they focus on Trump too much. I think Andrew Yang with Tulsi Gabbard as his running mate is the best hope for a Democratic victory, but the DNC doesn't really care about democracy or America, only their corporate masters. Remember what they did to Bernie Sanders?

The Mainstream Media Hates Him

Who do the talking heads hate and ignore? That's usually the person you should be voting for. I was just a young kid when Clinton beat Bush and Perot, but the day before the election I saw how fake and biased the news is. If you're older than me you may remember this too, but the media treated Bill Clinton like a prince. The day before voting the mainstream news will do a bit about each candidate. Ross Perot was a boring old man with a bunch of charts. Bush tried to look down to earth, but just looked like a grandpa leaning off the back of a train. Then there was magic. A young man laying down like a model, the chosen one, Bill Clinton. His bit was amazing. He was young, cool, handsome, and clearly the media's choice. I've been distrustful of the TV since then, so when I see Andrew Yang being ignored, it makes me like him more.

Can He Beat Trump?

Everyone always likes to say they told you so when someone wins the presidency. Well this is a blockchain, so if I'm right, it will be timestamped here. I don't think Yang can beat Trump in 2020. Trump is too powerful. He has the support of the military, the police, and most Republicans in power now. He's the most hated president I've ever seen while having strong loyalty at the same time. I just don't think elections are at all fair and even if 70% of American voters went to the YangGang, that the Electoral College (1804) would elect him.

This is why we need a President like Andrew Yang and blockchain based voting for elections is probably what you're thinking. Well I'm thinking that too, but not in 2020. Andrew Yang is still young and he will smash it in 2024.

Hoping My Gut Is Wrong

I didn't have the blockchain to prove I was right, but I've had a gut feeling about each successful President since Clinton. My family all have a military background and are very Republican, so nothing positive was ever said about Bill Clinton, but when I saw the media cover him the day before the election, my gut told me it was him. I don't even remember who he beat when reelected just that he was another boring old man.

I was in a very liberal art university in 2000. All I remember is that everyone was voting for Ralph Nader and they would get really mad if I told them that they're just helping Bush win. Bush had developed a reputation as a dumbass for his second run, but he was too powerful of a puppet by then so he won again in 2004.

The second I saw Barack Obama in 2006, I knew he would win. He did some announcement. You can see it here:

After I saw what charisma he had and that god like voice, I knew he would win too. He had some moron who claimed corporations were people as reelection competition, so he got his eight years.

Now for the elephant, Trump. I laughed we he announced his run, but when he denied making sexist remarks with the exception of Rosie O'Donald (I know diehard Democrats who laughed at that) my gut told me he'd win and it was right again.

There's still one more month left in 2019, but my gut says Trump will win again. Hopefully his victory shows Americans why we need to abandon the outdated Electoral College and vote on a blockchain. This could be a great thing for Andrew Yang to do while he waits for his 2024 election victory.

Speaking of Trump, do you remember when he was pro Bitcoin? Is this why he won't show us his tax returns? What did the bankers say to him to make him change his policy?

We Have A New Leader

Either Andrew Yang wins or he doesn't, but he was won the heart of millions of us nerds. Elon Musk is still King of the Nerds, but Andrew Yang will be an important player in bringing crypto mainstream. I personally am feeling real sick of being treated like a criminal just because I love blockchain technology and welcome anyone who can put it into a positive light and explain it to the masses.

What Do You Think?

One of the things I love about it here on Steemit is that I don't have to explain why blockchain isn't a fad or a scam. I use all types of social media, but comments here are the best and I'd really love to read yours. Nerds.


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