Look at the Huge Ripple Network Payment LevelsteemCreated with Sketch.

in xrp •  2 years ago

I have seen this huge Volume before. It is over half a billion. Wow.

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It used to be a big number, but nowaways it is a lot bigger =)

this chart help me alot as it describe the prices of ripple in very easy and comfortable way. i pay thanks to you. please continue with this effort to help all of us.

Some people think investing in Ripple can be Risky. @steempowerwhale What do you think?

Ripple network volume is very high.

I have a question. I used shapeshift to convert litecoin to steem, but the addres s I gave to desposit was a bitcoin adddress. They said that they need my steem address to fix the problem and send the converted steem. Is my username the address they need? Thanks for all your help! New to this!


yes should be username. if there would be more upvoters you could decide better on upvote average.
but its only good for easy question like in "who gets millionare"

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very nice effort keep going like this