Money Gram confirms they will use XRP in their payment flows!

in xrp •  7 months ago


In the last 10 minutes, XRP has seen a $0.20 spike because it was just confirmed that Money Gram will be using XRP in their payment flows. Yes... you read that correctly!

They aren't just using the software... they're going to actually use XRP.


Here's to all of you HODLing XRP!

Source: Ripple Insights

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just opened a margin order for ripple on a low yesterday. BOOM!


Daaaaaaang! That's some amazing timing right there! I bet you're pretty giddy this morning haha

I was lucky enough to see the post 2 minutes after it his social media. I contacted my close friends that are invested in it, and put some more of my own cash in. By the time all my transactions were complete, I think I picked it up around $1.88. So not too shabby :)

Beautiful News!! Great predictions, I created my first ever post which I think people will find funny to read. Could some people spread the word :)

I quit my high paid job yesterday to do this so am a bit worried haa.