All the things around us have changed

in xlife •  5 months ago

All the things around us have changed
And wore a new dress that suits the modern era
The dress of bold development that does not hide the nakedness, but deprives us of our humanity
The development that kills in us everything that is beautiful and calls for everything that is ugly
Words have new meanings on our ears that we did not know
Even the values ​​we have raised on them no longer exist
Generations have fallen, and there has been a decline in society
The head of the family indulged in the work to face the high costs of life
Reducing his role in raising his children and leaving them prey to all that is malicious
Al-Kidwa is absent from our lives and we have created generations that follow as they wish
Generations only have the blind tradition and the pursuit of all that is abnormal
The use of advances is not enough to understand the need for a living example that they see with their own eyes
Where is the living example that serves as an example now ??
In a society where quasi-human beings float on the surface
A society in which the dancer and the balletji became an example
A society in which the religious man neglects to call to God and color as the barbarians
Those wonderful ones whom we have taken away have departed from our world
As if this world can only accommodate the hypocrites, the corrupt and the bosses of interests!
I am looking for you for good, so I will find it only under cover
As if ashamed to appear in a world full of vice
Where are we going in the shadow of what surrounds us corruption?
When will the day when darkness ends and show us the light?
I fear that the Dark Ages will continue until we lose sight ...
How can we protect our eyes !!, image

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