Proposal: the worldwide clean organic food standards to kick start the industry at a global scale !

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Simply, clean organic food standards, vary from country to country. sometimes, it's just lies, sometimes, there is no controls, so many abuses and co. I think that developing an array of standards is very important for global commerce, to fight the war against the gmo, to promote clean food, lower healthcare costs, save guard biodiversity, increase wealth and market access... etc, all good !

however the goal isn't to fall in the pitfall of the childrapists globalists nor be taken over by the dirty toxic food industry bribes.

furthermore, one standard isn't enough. moreover this one concern only growth on soil of the earth.

  1. the Xi - aka the best in the world - supreme organic ! it implies, growth on the cleanest soils, no air pollution, clean water, I mean, this is the best of the best, emperor of japan standards. I know everyone will want to achieve it, but it will not be possible, contaminated land, only once, out. toxic air, out, toxic water out. pristine.

  2. organic great, clean land etc, but less stringent... it would be european standards, reviewed and clear from the chemicals and co...

  3. organic smart... again... lower...

then a no soil (hydroponics, aeroponics, fish combos multilayer circular etc)...

I think it would be great... !

Ideally, I would like that the (not vicious, not child raping, not christ killer) rabbis of jerusalem, can say, yeah, it may not have had a rabbi supervision, but the pristine is too expensive...

so you see the spirit?

of course all country system who want to adhere to the system will have to upgrade their legislative system, specially the penalty side. it's one thing to have an unknown accident toxification, an other to play the malin or smarty, and in this case, we want serious damage, personally, I am for Death Penalty. I am curious to know if the shoguns would agree that messing intentionally with the food supply of the emperor is an instant death penalty case and crass negligence equally... in the sense that entering this web of trust is not mandatory, but voluntary, and there are consequences for failing ! again someone blows a nuke plants, just say it's over and all is good but don't forget the last harvest before it, will still be priceless !

and I think it's a good thematic for the WTO, but not under the guidance, more like validator once the "pros" have reach their conclusion, and that's why it's important to start with the ultimate/supreme/pristine... this is the easier to agree on, it answer a simple question: we can't do better, not in the work and attention to details, but in the settings.

and the walking on lower. For me it's like hdmi, or some serious people take the file over, or it will be let to the little crap like the girl from monsanto or johnson and johnson... we don't want those setting standards. and I prefer high state level and the asian way to have the leak/betray you die. and to be clear of the severity and brutality of the ultra / pristine, half of france is already disqualified (tchernobyl fallouts), I know, so is life. there are always lower standards... and guyana is clean :D hehehe, not a reason to destroy it.

let's professionalize and informatizelike the food industry !

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